Ghost of Tsushima update 1.20 live – here is what it does

Much like the Ghost of Tsushima himself, the developer at Sucker Punch Productions have stealthily dropped a new update for their fantastic open world PlayStation exclusive.


Players will receive a notification that Ghost of Tsushima 1.20 is ready to download. You’ll need to have the patch installed if you want to dive into the game’s superb Legends co-op mode.

This new patch doesn’t add anything new from what we can tell. At least not in terms of content. Sucker Punch have confirmed that update 1.20 introduced “various bug fixes” and nothing else.

We recently asked what comes next for Ghost of Tsushima as we push into 2021. Despite being one of the first Sony exclusives to receive an update to improve its performance on PS5, there’s a possibility Sucker Punch may be working on a natively enhanced edition specifically for the newer console.

Having only launched last July, we’re a long way off a Ghost of Tsushima 2 announcement though there’s certainly appetite for DLC or some kind of expansion. We’d love to see Sucker Punch continue to flesh out their Legends co-op multiplayer though a new singleplayer chapter – perhaps focusing on a different character, or delving into Japanese folklore – isn’t completely off the table.

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