PS5 passes 32 million consoles sold with nearly 30% going to non-PS4 users

PS5 stock uk currys
PS5 stock uk currys

Sony had a big end to 2022, with the company’s latest financials revealing that they sold a whopping 7.1 million consoles over the holiday quarter, bringing the console’s cumulative sales to 32 million.

That’s an impressive number after two and a bit years, though the supply constraints of the last few years mean that the PS5 is still around good bit behind the 35.9 million that the PS4 managed in the same time. That said, the equivalent quarter was bigger for PS5 and Sony’s proudly proclaimed that supply is no longer an issue going into 2023, so we’ll see if it’s able to make up some of the ground.

It will certainly help that Sony’s on a run of releasing absolute bangers from their first party studios. While a cross-generation game, God of War Ragnarök managed to sell 11 million copies since its November release, making it their fastest-selling first party game ever. Add to that the recent resurgence in interest for The Last of Us, thanks to the HBO The Last of Us TV series, and projections for a big year ahead with Spider-Man 2, and things are looking bright.

Sony also had a rather interesting statistic to share, with almost 30% of PlayStation 5 sales going to people that didn’t have a PlayStation 4 – this tracked by PS5’s monthly active users and ties to PlayStation Network accounts. In other words, Sony is able to reach more and new gamers with this new generation. It helps that they’re spending more money on PS5, as well.

Compare all of this to Microsoft’s quarterly results, and Sony and the PlayStation 5 is well and truly on the up.

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