Uncharted: Drake\’s Fortune

Uncharted Movie Delayed?

Movie is delayed, director-less and may start casting.

Uncharted Could Find Fortune On PSP

If Naughty Dog can find a playmate that is.

Uncharted: The Movie And Uncharted 3

More Drake than you can shake an AK-47 at.

Uncharted: The Motion Comic

Drake gets a hand-drawn makeover with plenty of ‘Thwaaaack’.

Firmware 3.0 Kills Uncharted?

Better hold off if you’re thinking of doing that Trophy run.

Uncharted: The Movie

Nathan Drake coming to the big screen.

Uncharted 2: 2009

Sequel due next year, according to dodgy French translation. And a scan.

Naughty Dog Barks

Naughty Dog, trophy support, tech talk and a tease…

New SingStar Soon

“Next-gen” Singstar at Leipzig next month. Plus Platinum range confirmation.

Uncharted Trophies Soon

Trophy patch already in ‘testing’ phase, one month max till release.