TSA Warhawk – 29/07/2008

I learnt a lot during last night’s TSA Warhawk Battle.

In-game XMB is the sort of wonderful functionality that if it had been Apple who had created it they’d have won a Nobel Peace Prize. During the initial deathmatch I spent half the time being killed and half the time fielding friend requests and password requests and the like. All while the PS3 hosted the Warhawk server and it never missed a beat. Good stuff, Sony.


We tried the two new game types and I’m interested to know what everyone thought of those. I imagine TheDeathAvenger (best overall player, in my opinion) thought they were ace, seeing as how every time I was the Hero he seemed to zero in on me and stove my face in. To be fair, when I wasn’t the Hero he seemed to zero in on me and stove my face in too. So, yeah he’s banned next time.

Hero is a nice twist on death match, but I didn’t find it as much fun as the Collector game. It’s like a faster-paced version of CTF, and because there are multiple places to Collect the cores, it creates lots of little battles. Thanks to MrJimmy (I can’t remember your exact PSN Name, comment here and I’ll correct it) who was a pleasure to talk to and drive around with collecting cores.


  • Best Host: LordMooch
  • Best Player: TheDeathAvenger
  • Best Remote Killer: Hyperspacey
  • Best Instruction On How To Use Mics: MrJimmy
  • Best Use Of Kamikaze To Prevent Me Getting A Kill: TheDeathAvenger

A big thanks to everyone that took part and I look forward to hosting another game next week.

If anybody is interested in me hosting a TSA server for you guys to play on then let me know. I’m quite happy to set up the server and password protect it for TSA people. I can’t always be there to play (boooooo, no easy kills), but if you guys want to play with some like-minded people, let me know and we’ll try it out.