Little Princess Coming To PSN

Warning: This news item does NOT contain: Guns, blood, kinky witches with hair for clothes, aliens, violence, headshots, sex, Modern Warfare 2, punching, headbutts, graphical quicktime events involving ripping a Centaurs intestines out, free running, hitpoints, 1080P graphics, online multiplayer, plasmids, the phrase “Unreal Engine”, hidden knives, nitro boosts or Elena from Uncharted.

For those of you still reading, global mega star “Little Princess” his heading to the PSN during summer 2010. A true megastar, the animated series is transmitted in no less than 168 countries across the world making it a bigger hit than Lost or Heroes. The TV show is based on a best selling book and now both are being used to inspire the upcoming game, Quebec based Frima Studio will be coding.


Details of the format of the game have yet to be released, however Frima specialise in childrens MMOGs with their current Build-A-Bear MMOG logging over twelve million users. In the animated cartoon, Litttle Princess spends her days asking questions about how the world works and has the occasional hissy fit when things don’t go her way. Assuming Frima studios use the orginal voice cast of Little Princess, this will mark the video game debut of Jane Horrocks.. and Julian Clary.

Source: Frima Studios