PixelJunk Shooter’s Sales Impressive

PixelJunk Shooter could be one of the fastest selling Q-Games titles ever. This is according to the game’s producer Dylan Cuthbert speaking (in 140 characters or less) on Twitter.

The insight comes in a reply to one tweeter’s inquiry regarding the Q-Games Facebook event where the studio attempted to get 1 million people to download the snazzy retro title at launch.

Admitting that the event was obviously tongue-in-cheek (the Q-Games boss regularly reminds us that PixelJunk games are quite esoteric and usually don’t experience mammoth sales), Dylan does reveal that he believes “it is our faster seller yet.”

A regular Twitterer, Dylan also reveals that “the Shooter space for EU and Japan is next year unfortunately (takes a while to do the translations)”, and how a demo is still definitely in the works for those insane of you out there who need more convincing before picking it up.

Who says Twitter is a monumental waste of time?