Sony Rep: Heavy Rain “Blows Away Uncharted 2”

Talking to a couple of reporters at the recent CES 2010 expo, a Sony rep can be heard dethroning Uncharted 2 as the best game, graphically, on the PS3, and promptly crowning Heavy Rain as the new king. Of course, it’s just one man’s opinion, but it’s interesting nonetheless to hear such laudatory remarks showered on Quantic Dream’s much-anticipated title.

Especially when Uncharted 2 is held by many as the paragon when it comes to visuals.


You can hear the words yourself by clicking here and viewing the one minute long hand-held video. Spoiler warning: the comments are made while the camera is firmly fixed on footage of Heavy Rain playing in the background. So, if you want to remain spoiler free – though there’s really nothing revealed in the video – probably best skipping this one.

Source: Gamertell