Trophy World 15/01/10

Welcome back to the second Trophy World of 2010! I need to start getting used to writing 10 now… I’ll miss writing that lovable zero first. Back on topic now, we’ve fortunately had some trophy lists posted this week, but things still haven’t really started picking up. I really was expecting a few others this past week but I have some idea as to why they haven’t made their appearance yet. Hopefully we shall witness some MAGnificent Heavy Rain this week. Anyways, as usual, this week’s lists are below:

Dante’s Inferno (or as many call it, the God of War clone) has impressed a lot of people by how good it actually is, including our own cc_star. Even more amazing is that this is Visceral Games’ first attempt at a game like this, and they’ve managed to make the game with a constant frame rate of 60 fps. I, personally, will definitely be buying the game and look forward to seeing all the nine circles of Hell. Interestingly enough, the trophies look quite similar to those featured in the God of War Collection. The bulk of them requiring you to finish the game and the rest needing you to do various miscellaneous tasks.


The ‘Gates of Hell Arena’ sounds eerily familiar to the Challenge of the Gods/Titans, and we even see a trophy for getting a particular number of hits in a combo (It just had to be 666, eh?). It seems though that to get the prestigious Platinum trophy, you will need to play though the game twice, being holy during one and unholy during the other. I doubt you can really do any of the saving tricks like Fallout 3, since I believe you can’t reset your upgrades like in Borderlands. I really am intrigued to see what Visceral Games can do with this game, and it will definitely be interesting to see the media’s response when the game releases early next month.

In case you saw Matt Hazard on the store last week but had no idea about it, all you need to know really is right here. It’s basically a prequel to the Eat Lead game that came out last year, and is pretty similar to games like Contra. Moving on, we reported recently on an interview about the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator game, where it was revealed that the trophies of the game would involve collectibles (So a trophy for pulling off 20 Marine heads? I like!) and progress in the story, and they would all be named using quotes from the movies. I really do love it when developers take their time and try and make something special out of a game’s trophies, it makes it all the more fun to have them pop up when you unlock them. Long may it continue.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Dante’s Inferno/ Bronze

Bad Nanny
Kill 20 Unbaptized Babies

Seems the trophy made it after all, heh? I look forward to being a Bad Nanny… wait, that’s just plain wrong. Stop thinking like that, dear lovely perverted readers. Oh well, can’t stop the forces of nature. See you next week!