Lunchtime Discussion: PS3 Mass Effect 2

It’s possibly the greatest ‘will they, won’t they’ since Friends. The hints, the teasing, the eyes meeting across a crowded room. What am I talking about? Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 of course. Now I’m no expert on this at all, but there’s certainly been a lot of vagueness and rumours about this epic title and Sony’s black box, so lets take a quick look at the evidence.

This seems to start all the way back in July last year. In the first in a series of mistaken listings on websites, American retailer GameStop hinted at Mass Effect 2 coming to PS3. The retailer listed an in game item for Mass Effect 2 coming with the PS3 version of Dragon Age: Origins. Well sure, looks like it’s just a mistake but everyone seemed to want to believe it was true and the rumour grew. So what happened next? Well the next big piece of news on the rumour seems to come in October. This was where the ball really got rolling and the rumour started to take on a life of its own. Over the same weekend the Russian EA site added a PS3 icon to it’s Mass Effect 2 page and the Aussie version of GAME listed the title for PS3. So we’re at three webmaster mistakes at this point if the rumour is wrong. Next up? BioWare speak!

That’s right in the first of many verbal slip ups BioWare writer Jay Watamaniuk happened to mention that the game was coming to the PC, 360 and ‘probably PS3‘. Probably? Well that doesn’t mean anything. Of course in November BioWare honcho Ray Muzyka refuses to flat out deny the PS3 version it really doesn’t do much to quell the rumours. When that’s followed up with Greg Zeschuk, BioWare’s other honcho, talking about the PS3 as a ‘key platform‘ a fortnight later the PS3 port begins to look liklier and liklier.


Skip forward half a month to mid-December and BioWare, in an interview with Polish site Polygamia, confirm for the first time that, in theory, the game could run on the PS3. As its built on the Unreal Engine the third platform starts to look more likely. Finally, yesterday’s leak. In what could be confirmation, or could be a complete fake-out, it seems that some clever clogs pulled out some of the source and found a software flag for the PS3.

So that’s it. That’s my quick summary of rumours, now what do you think? Will it come? Some might say that there are just too many of these rumours now, that it’s reached critical mass and that BioWare may as well just announce it if it’s coming. Personally I think that it could still go either way, but with so few third party titles remaining exclusive it seems like it’s probably going to happen. Thoughts?