Firmware 3.40 Dated

We knew it was imminent. Now we know exactly when to expect it.  Buried in the notes at the foot of the Sony press release (yes, I have been reading lots of those recently in an effort to feed your voracious minds) for PlayStation Plus is the release date for firmware 3.40.


So there you have it.  Firmware 3.40 is scheduled to hit on 29th June, the same day PlayStation Plus launches.  Makes sense really.



  1. Will there be any other features in the FW? Cross-game chat perhaps?

    • Other features – more than likely
      Cross game chat – I doubt it.

      • what other features are you after? i would like to group friends, still cant believe we cant do that.

      • Steam is coming to the PS3 so there will probably be cross game chat

    • I’m hoping for 3D Blu-ray, don’t want to wait till September

      • You and your bloody 3D!!! ;)

      • Is your real name Bubba Ray or D-Von by any chance ? ha ha ;)

    • Fix to the internet, whatever what they changed affected the cookies meaning I can’t stay logged in on various sites especially this one….

  2. I wonder if any surprises are in store…

    • Probably. A FW for just for PSN plus would be strange.

      • Yeah, especially because it’s a round number, not like 3.34

  3. I know the 29th will come, i’ll get all excited for playstation plus, try and upgrade and i’ll be told to update my firmware and the long wait will cause be to give up completely. I still don’t understand why ps3 updates are like 100’s of mb and 360 ones take seconds?

    • Just the way it is I guess. Remember Microsoft are a software company, so building an OS that works fast and has all the features we would like, should come easy to them. Same with Sony being a hardware company and building decent bits of kit.

      • “OS that works fast and has all the features we would like”
        when did this happen? o_O

      • @hazelam – It happened for me as soon i took my computer out a box with a big Apple logo on it! haha

      • LOL Yeah, perhaps not Windows. I meant the Xbox 360 OS is pretty decent and does everything quick ie: Updates/downloads etc, because Microsoft are predominantly a software company. That was my point really. Mac OS ftw.

    • simple. PS3 updates include the all the previous update. thats why the size increases with each one. With 360 updates, they are just patches, literally, and do not contain previous software updates

      • Sorry Sully but you are wrong. What we download each time is a snapshot of the latest OS build, not just a patch. Also, the OS is decreasing in size (adept very slowly) not increasing, this free’s up memory to the devs, something that gets announced in the news from time to time.

  4. Can’t wait – the future of PSN is here.

  5. It should be atleast a day early incase there are problems

  6. 29th? Birthday pressie to myself methinks!

  7. What does point 4 say? Most of it has been cut off… any trophies earned during the trial will what?

    • “4. Users will continue to enjoy games with previously saved data. Any trophies earned during the trial will
      also be unlocked.” – I got that by clicking on the link in the article above.

      • Thank you for not being too lazy to use the link. :)

      • I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise it was a link at the time. I will try extremely hard in future to be less lazy.

  8. That’s funny coz I saw on another site it was the 22nd that 3.40 went live so where did you get this info from?

    • “Buried in the notes at the foot of the Sony press release..” I found the answer to your question contained in the article above….

    • Yeah I saw the 22nd mentioned elsewhere too, with the Press Release quoted as source.

      • Well guys you’re in for a treat – Greg hasn’t just quoted the source, he has provided us all with a link to the actual source. Try clicking it and scrolling down to the bottom of the 3rd page and reading it yourself. Happy days.

  9. If the browser cookies are fixed i’ll be very happy.

  10. Bzztt, wrong… 22nd June…

    Usual rubbish reporting from SixthAxis…

    DIRECT from SONY…

    ” PlayStation users can purchase PlayStation Plus membership through PlayStation Store on PS3 only. Users need to install PS3 system software version 3.40, which will be released on June 22nd, to enjoy PlayStation Plus.”

    • Also DIRECT from SONY:

      Seems to be some sort of CONFUSION here.

    • Quite aside from the fact that there’s no need to behave like a douche. We quote our sources and portrayed the information accurately. We then put it accross in a professional manner.
      There seems to be two press releases from Sony with conflicting dates on them. So that’s information coming from Sony which is unclear, not anything to do with the, exceptionally high, standard of reporting at TheSixthAxis.
      I would suggest that if you think our reporting is “rubbish” then you refrain from using us as a source for news. Like Thumper’s Father told him: If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.

    • W-wait rubbish bored affected commenting that isn’t from me?

      Bad end HAHAAA!

    • Bzztt, Wrong… 29th June…
      Funny to see that you’ve called TheSixthAxis out as being wrong yet your link also states 29th, maybe do a bit more research before you call out people who actually know the industry instead just reading about it like you clearly just do.

      • Well spotted. DirkPitt’s link definitely had the 22nd as the date yesterday evening so someone in Sony has changed it to the 29th to tie in with the press release.

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