Devs Working On ‘PS4’

It may be many years away but Sony have confirmed work is progressing on ‘future platform related activities’ – the next generation of PlayStation. When the PS3 was released many developers complained about difficulties programming the machine so, in a clever move, Sony have got their first party developers to help design the future PlayStation. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida explains:

“When Ken Kutaragi moved on and Kaz Harai became the president of SCE, the first thing Kaz said was, ‘get World Wide Studios in on hardware development’. So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us [developers].

“We are undergoing many activities that we haven’t yet been talking about in public. Some future platform related activities.”

Source: Develop



  1. They’d be crazy to leave the Cell now

    I reckon they’d be better off, sticking with the Cell, just add more cores… bump the pathetic RAM up from a weird 256+256 to a straight up 2-4GIG develop a far faster Blu-ray drive minimising installs

    and for christ sake put some USB ports on the bloody back of the thing

    All the tech in the world, won’t count for anything if Sony are as bad at supporting devs as they’ve been with the PS3… where it seems unless you promise Sony the earth you’re on your own

    • Cell is gone, but it’s tech lives on in other IBM products. Also, there’s less of a need for the Cell’s SPUs when you take GPGPUs into account which have got lots of little processors built in too.
      RAM to 4GB makes perfect sense, but I’d rather have 3+1GB, with that 1GB being much faster VRAM.
      Faster BD drives already exist, the 2x drive in the PS3 could have been switched up with the Slim, but as with 802.11g they didn’t. Still, no development needed, it’ll be a straight drop in replacement.

      • yeah, but the feckin’ USB on the back man…

      • LMFAO!!

        That’s pure TSA gold right there!

  2. i hope for a 2013-1014 release

    • ps4 will have time travel capabilities?
      holy sh…

      • You will need it to play Assassin Creed 5.

        Also it only reasion why there isn’t Doctor Who game on PS3. The GFX of a Doctor Who game on PS3 will fry the brains of Doctor fanboys. Time travel is needed to stop this from happing and will only be possiable on PS4.

    • 2013 is kinda a bad year for PS4 release, but announcing PS4 is good for that year.

  3. PS4 doesn’t flow off the tongue as well as PS3.

    • I thought that about the PS3 back in the PS2 era of the early-Noughties. Once you’ve heard PS4 mentioned enough times and officially I guarantee it will.

    • I think they should actually call it something else, but I suppose they’re stuck with PlayStation and then a number

    • I always think that with the next generation of consoles, but I get used to it pretty quickly, back when the PS2 first came out it felt really odd to say ‘PS3’

  4. Nice to know they’re getting on with development nice and early. Anything to make the launch and subsequent development of titles easier is surely a good thing right?
    As long as the actual console unveil/release is a good few years away (five?) then it’s all good :)

  5. So it took 3 console releases to figure out get dev support during development of new hardware instead of after launch…C’mon Sony you’re better than that….

  6. Here a master plan tell every developer they will have 8GB ram to work with. 2 months before launch of new system some un-official press release anounce it going to 16GB. Denine that it is true an use Sony line of Rumor and Speculation and no coment. Then 24 hours before shiping to retail release press release it going to have 20GB of Ram and conform it as true.

    Developers will not be happy that Sony played such silly game with them, Not!

    Memory is going to more important in 8th Generation of consoles then processing power has been in the past.

    • that is something i absolutely agree with.
      all the processing power in the world is no good if there isn’t enough memory.
      and not just for the graphics, for the game worlds, so when you do something in game it remains persistent, and doesn’t reset once it goes outside the draw distance, and so you can track more variables and make more sophisticated games.

  7. At least Sony learned a lot from their mistakes this generation.

  8. Excellent idea…getting everyone around the table can only benefit things in the long run to more streamlined game development to less of the “funny issues” we all experience from time to time.
    Kaz Harai as head of Sony seems very switched on and not only business savy but in tune with technology as well.

  9. Makes sense, it seems more an more games are being ported to the PS3 and suffer due to it (e.g Red Dead).

  10. They also refer to the Move as a platform so it could also be something like that rumoured 3D PS3Eye. Now that they’ve started (after PS3 was developed that is) they will most likely continue to work together for all future console and peripheral platforms. It was a superb idea on Kaz’s part.

    I guess whatever stage concept/design is at for PS4, Microsoft are equally sure to be working on their next box… I would have expected Nintendo to be the first with a new console but they’re getting plenty mileage out of the Wii so who knows..

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