Plants Vs Zombies Coming to XBLA

PopCap’s most recent darling of the casual market has just been confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade with early September their anticipated launch window (nothing is confirmed yet though). Although we reported on this ages ago, it now comes with official backing so it’s worth revisiting to see what has been confirmed.

The XBLA version of Plants Vs Zombies is set to be the most comprehensive way to play the compelling garden-defence game with two new multiplayer modes making a total of seven game modes and twenty-one min-games. The new multiplayer modes include a cooperative mode and a competitive mode and will surely add to what is already one of the most compelling game-play experiences available. Plants Vs Zombies will cost 1200MSP and be playable in glorious 1080p HD resolutions.


Later this year PopCap are also intending to release a boxed compilation including Plants vs Zombies, Zuma and Peggle for the 360.



  1. Err…Peter… You may want to check the Related Stories.

    It’s been “announce for XBLA” a lot on TSA.

    Regardless, the September release is new :-)

    • Yes, we know. We debated as to whether to report on this actually but with everyone else running their “Shock-horror PvZ on XBLA” headlines today we thought it might look like we weren’t paying attention just because it took everyone else a month to catch up with us ;)

    • First report: Total speculation.
      Second report: Speculation supported by ratings leak.
      Third report: Confirmation by studio.
      Fourth report (this report): Studio releases press release with more details.

      And yes, PVZ deserves all these reports!

  2. Multiplayer!!
    Now just released on PS3 and ill be happy :)

  3. Could be a great Mini too, just look on how good it did on Apple’s side.
    Love the game nonetheless.

    • It’s a cracking game on the PC, so here’s hoping PopCap put it out for the PS3 as well – and as soon as possible!

  4. This was inevitable due to the success and praise for the game. However, 1200 MS points is quite excessive is it not? Especially considering it is only £1.59 on the app store?

    • So it’ll be £11.99 then if it ever came to the PSS than minis? that is really a ridiculous price

  5. It’s coming to Move? Has it… always been? :P

  6. i’ll try the demo when it’s available, still don’t know why sony don’t make a demo a requirement for store games.

    • My presumption is that making a demo essential would mean they have to have massively more resources in their server farms because of the increase in download activity.

  7. I think I may well throw down once again if they release it on the PSN. My PC and iPhone installs just aren’t enough! :-)

  8. “Later this year PopCap are also intending to release a boxed compilation including Plants vs Zombies, Zuma and Peggle for the 360”
    PS3 already have Peggle and Zuma on the store so all we need is PvZ and the boxed compilation will be released on PS3

    • Don’t hold your breath….

  9. Kinda glad thats its exclusive since that’s one less zombie game on PSS. Quite honesty zombies are pathetic why not vampires these classic horror monsters have easily got untapped entertainment potential.

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