Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage

Some new Uncharted 3 gameplay footage has surfaced thanks to the Jimmy Fallon show in America. It shows Drake and Sully desperately trying to escape a burning building whilst avoiding getting their bits shot off by gun toting enemies (seriously, are there any other kind?).


Whilst the game looks gorgeous, it’s the melee combat that impressed me – it looks fluid, weighty, and brutal.  Finally, we’re hearing some rumours that the game will offer two-player co-op during the single player campaign. We’re looking into it.

Source: HDaniel99



  1. Arggh!

    Damn my work internet connection for not letting me view video.

    • Thank the **preferred deity** for fruit based smartphone devices, I’ve just seen it over wifi.

      The context sensitive melee looks top, looks like they’ll be going up to 11 on the scale of the set pieces.

    • I know, I’ve now got to wait 8 boring hours until I get home and can watch it!

      • NBC are rapidly taking them down, so I think torrents are the way to go…

  2. Can’t wait! Any co-op is a winner for me. Roll on Autumn

    • same here, online play is always free for all or team based. its about time people worked together without trying to kill each other!!

  3. I broke my blackout to watch this, as expected looks fantastic.

    The main thing I got from this is Sony are learning how to promote stuff finally

    • Why did you have a blackout? Wanna enjoy the game without spoilers? i agree though,it did look good despite the lack of skill from the host!

  4. Is there a link to the video then? I’m on me Blackberry & it doesn’t even hint at a link??

    • The video is in the article – if you can’t view it click on the source and it’ll take you to YouTube mate.

  5. 3.22 WOW. I’m also loving the diving elbo and some neat CQC – awesome.

  6. Looks great, cant wait to play this!

  7. I just need 3G coverage!

  8. Looking fantastic. The hand-to-hand combat looks a little bit loose at the moment, but I’m sure there will be time to refine it. Didn’t hear any one-liners from Sully, though.

    • Indeed. It reminds me of D2R: Retribution melee. I really hate the way the camera switches views when finishing enemies off. And I hope they fix (of course the will, they’re ND) the enemies glitching through walls.

  9. Awesome

  10. I guess the deity must be Jimmy Fallon with this exclusive and the Killzone 3 in the Bag.

    • yeah seems to be a bit of a trend. shame he’s not the greatest host in the world though

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