New DiRT 3 Developer Q&A

The DiRT series is definitely one of the most celebrated rally franchises to date. While the name of the franchise has changed just a bit, Codemasters’ desire to push it to the top of its genre has not. A perfect example of that is the multiple Q&A videos they’ve been releasing. They’ve been listening to the gamers, fielding their questions and attempting to make the most realistic rally racer they can. Below you’ll find part 3 of the Q&A sequence, where they talk about the effort that has gone towards making DiRT 3 ‘realistic’.

Source: YouTube



  1. Nice to see they are concentrating on improving the handling and not just making it shinier. Really looking forward to this as DiRT 2 remains one of my fave games.

    • One of my favs too.
      Had loads of fun in the TSA meets.

  2. Dirt 2 truly was a great game, loved it and one of my most enjoyable platinum trophies to date, though there wasn’t a massive amount of traditional rallying going on, seem to remember it was mainly those crazy indoor track type things, still, excellent game and I’m really looking forward to 3

  3. Can’t wait, really hoping there’s an actual normal rally career, with those x-game events in a seperate game mode.

  4. Can’t wait to use eyefinity :D

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