The NGP Won’t Rival PS3 Performance

Ever since the NGP was announced back in January, developers & gamers alike have been waxing lyrical about the machine’s power. It appears this enthusiasm has caused some of the gaming press to get a bit ahead of itself and report on the fact that the NGP will be almost as powerful as a PS3, although some sections of the press went even further, saying the new device was practically a PS3 Portable.

Speaking at a Game Developer Conference session, Sony’s David Coombes, Platform Research Manager at SCEA has put the record straight clarifying that the NGP won’t be rivalling the PS3 for processor performance. He explained that although the CPU is theoretically capable of running at 2ghtz it won’t be in order to preserve the NGP’s battery life and to prevent it from over heating saying “Some people in the press have said wow, this thing… could be as powerful as PS3. Well, it’s not going to run at 2GHz because the battery would last five minutes, and it would probably set fire to your pants.”


Coombes also couldn’t confirm how much memory the NGP will have, but did say “I can’t talk about actual numbers, but compared to PSP we have a lot of memory… we’re closer to PS3 than PSP in terms of memory size.” It’s unclear whether he was referring to the PS3’s 256MB of video memory or combining that with its 256MB of system memory.

Sony are hopeful the NGP will be on store shelves in at least one territory before the end of this year with the other regions to follow sometime in 2012.

Source: Eurogamer.



  1. The battery life seems to be the major issue. You can’t have something this powerful with a decent battery. That may be the killer for this as far as I’m concerned. It doesn’t need to be as powerful as the ps3 anyway, and from the screens and movies I’ve seen of it, it definitely looks powerful enough for me thanks.

    • So 5 minutes with 2 GHz but they underclock it to last a whopping 10-15 minutes (if wireless is turned off with brightness set to 10% and only while olaying around in the main menu…). :P
      I’m really curious as to how long the NGP will last. This is a major selling point to many people these days with electronic devices like tablets or net-/notebooks.

    • battery life is the issue with nearly all technology – maybe one day we’ll be carrying around miniature nuclear reactors in our pocket…

  2. Hardly surprising. The NGP will be nice, but if it gets anywhere close to PS3 levels of power – and I’m not just talking about visuals here – I’ll be shocked.

    • It doesn’t need to be a powerful as a PS3 as long as there’s a big gap between it and the PSP most people will be happy.

  3. I was never taken in by the ‘Pocket PS3’ hype, but agreed that it would be awesome if it was true. As long as it has long lasting support from the big devs as well, i’ll be happy.

  4. The only thing I want from it is being able to create a level in LBP and then transfer it to my NGP to continue working on it.

  5. The NGP for me will be PS2 games in HD. Theres a little chance the NGP could match the PS3 due to the silicone chips overheating, the PS3 is the size it is because the fans must cool down the silicone chips

  6. The only thing I worry about is the support of 3rd party developers.

  7. It would be impossible to have a portable console with PS3/Xbox quailty graphics without reducing the battery life and keeping it from overheating. The 3DS has suffered with it’s battery life as it requires more power which puts a drain on the battery. If they did try to match the PS3’s proccessing power then the NGP would have a battery life of 1 hour at max.I don’t want to have to charge it up every time i start a game just to get to the title screen.I hope the NGP will be supported better this time and all of the PSP1 games be on the store. But it is impressive for a portable console to display those grahpics. IMO i think the NGP will halfway between PS2 and PS3 in terms of graphics.

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