Dead Nation Voice Chat Coming March 7th

When we reviewed Dead Nation back in December, one of the persistent niggles that kept coming up in the comment section was the game’s lack of voice chat support. How can you expect to formulate a focused zombie cleansing run without the ability to orchestrate your moves with a fellow undead hater?


Finnish developer Housemarque did assure us they were listening (over the white noise of a felled telecommunications network no doubt), and now we know exactly when coms channels will be open. But that’s not all. Speaking over on the PS blog, Ilari Kuittinen, CEO and Co Founder of Housemarque, states:

We’re excited to report that our upcoming patch is only days away (coming Monday, March 7) and will provide players with not only online Co-op Voice Chat, but also Checkpoint saves, the ability to copy saves, and some further surprises for all the Dead Nation players out there!

There’s also a nifty (dead) developer diary.

Source: Official EU PlayStation blog



  1. Fantastic. Checkpoint saves, awesome, i’m stuck on the 2nd level on the hardest difficulty, it’s such a slog getting back to the bit I’m stuck on.
    Wonder what the surprises will be?

  2. The use of the concept art for the original designs of the characters would also imply that we’re getting to use those skins in the game after this patch. :D

  3. Checkpoint saves will help with the higher difficulty levels, sweet!

    • incidently – points have been replaced by levels on TSA?

  4. Checkpoint saves!!! Whooooo!!!
    Perhaps i can finally finish the game now! :)

  5. Took their time though they needn’t have added it at all. Nice to know gamers have a voice that gets listened to occasionally. Nice work Housemarque.

  6. Very Funny

  7. Only several months to late,will anybody really be picking this to play again.

    • I definately will, especially now with checkpoint saves! Was a right riot this game, loved it. Mashing more than 2000 zombies in one level is good fun over and over again.

  8. Great stuff. I kind of put DN to the side but will give it another go.

  9. “Woah! This is the shit” haha

  10. ‘Zombies … over. Eating my face … over … ‘ AWESOME LOL

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