More Dead Island Screens Surface

There are very few games that are announced with the kind of excitement that Dead Island received, but then again not many games are announced with trailers like this one. We’ve got another batch of screens to show you today and they look very similar to what we revealed a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t help but giggle when I looked at the shot of the woman kicking the zombie out of the car. Her expression doesn’t quite match the situation, does it?

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Well noticed, that is a comedy picture. I’ve never played a zombie game, nor really a genre that interests me, that’s if you don’t count resi. This one looks interesting though.

    • That’s like saying you never really played a racing game… if you don’t count GT. :P

  2. As if kicking zombies away from your car is a daily nuisance. I suppose it could be worse. =P

  3. She could be a botox-fuelled Hollywood housewife, and would thusly be unable to show emotion of any kind.
    But then again, you’d be immune from zombie attacks, provided the “zombies only eat braaaaains” principle is still in effect.

  4. Look at image 6, it a machete (or something like that) with lightening coming out of it. Awesome!!!

    • I thought this was an inFamous crossover! Cole on vacation?

  5. That trailer was most certainly one of the most awesome gametrailers ever. FIngers crossed for this one!

  6. Looking good so far. Can’t wait for some ingame footage.

  7. I’m really excited for this, but at the same time quite cautious. I want it to be as good as the trailer suggests, but there’s a skeptical part of me that still isn’t convinced. The screens look “nice” but nothing that hasn’t be done before. No gameplay has been shown and as mentioned above, things like the woman’s face just give me reason to be nervous about it.

  8. looking swish!!

  9. I need to see elements of the character building & the story driven dynamic to keep me interested through to release. Zombies automatically put me off anything, but the trailer was so could and concept of an open world game with RPG elements appeals

  10. ThunderSword?

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