Pachter: NGP Price Will Be High

Research Analyst Michael Pachter got the chance to get hands on with Sony’s NGP yesterday, which is nice.  Perhaps at some point we’ll be able to see what the PSP’s successor can do, but in the meantime we’ll have to follow the opinions of those that have.

So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at what Pachter was saying.


“Hands on NGP at Sony yesterday,” he starts. “With the right software, quite awesome. The controls [are] very smooth, the screen flawless.”  Sounds great.

“Price will be high.”  Oh, wait, sorry.  What was that?

“Tretton said NGP ‘between $100 and $599′” he Tweeted, “[I] am betting it’s priced either $299 or $349, depending upon bill of materials.”  Well, $349 is probably a little bit beyond the range that we’re personally expecting, especially if Sony do a quick dollar – pound conversion.

He suggests that the 3G version (remember, the NGP will come in two flavours) should only add $50, subsidised by the carrier.

“Uncharted NGP tech demo was cool,” he concludes. “Accelerometer to swing on rope, massage back touch pad to climb, dual analogs intuitive. Gamers will likee.”

I don’t know about you, but if I want to swing my device and rub a screen, I’ll do it on the iPhone.  If the NGP is to be the all singing, all dancing super handheld, just leave it to the buttons.

But then, we’ve not played it first hand.  Funny that.



  1. i’d rather trust a magic 8 ball than that guy.
    at least i’d know the 8 ball isn’t motivated by the opinion that all gamers exist solely to be exploited, not something i could say with any conviction about pachter.

  2. I think it’s great that their is touch so you can have more options to play the game so either you play with buttons or touch.

  3. i generally dont listen to what patcher has to say these days. he has so many opinions. so ill just wait and see

  4. Pachter seems to make a hobby out of putting down Sony tech, which is fortunate as he can use his job to do it to, but I think I’ll stick to personal experience before I judge, you know like we used to do.

  5. He’s the modern day Nostradamus. Make enough vague predictions and some will probably come true, then some people will start to believe all of them.

    • Yeah well hopefully the NGP will be to Pachter what the millennium was to good old Nostra’

      • Between $100 and $599 – top analyzing mate. I think anyone who has ever visited this site could come up with a less vague prediction than that! I predict it will be released sometime between now and the year 3024.

      • Let me try: I predict it’ll have a RRP about 20 – 50$ above the price of the 3ds.

        Enough to let the customer feel they’re paying more to get a premium product, but not enough to scare them away.

      • @the bottler, re-read the post. The cost range you’re quoting came from Jack Tretton of SCEA, not Michael Pachter.

        “Tretton said NGP ‘between $100 and $599′”

    • Exactly. How much does this Pachter get paid to tell us something we already know?

  6. Didn’t eurogamer already tell us in an exhaustive article that the NGP is using mostly all off the shelve components which are cheap?

    And why does anyone give this guy Patcher the time of day?

    • Components which Apple is paying huge cash sums in order to get priority supply, AND many of which have recently been disrupted by the quakes and tsunami in Japan, all of which has pushed prices up basically across the board…

      We’ll see how this affects things later in the year, but it’s around about now that Sony would be lining up component contracts, if they plan to launch later this year.

      • Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s delayed till next year, including Japan.

  7. I don’t really get why Tsa keeps reporting on this tool. Ignore him and he’ll go away. Still he hasn’t said any particularly controversial attention seeking shite this time, and I pretty much agree with him on the price. This is not going to be a cheap bit of kit.

    • He won’t be going anywhere. He gets paid by a company to be an analyst not a ‘controversial attention seeking shite’.
      He does however get a lot of stuff right and a lot of stuff gets blown massively out of proportion by the video gaming press.
      I don’t understand how he causes such controversy really.

    • Why I”d rather be that it was nems

  8. As you all know I am pen-pal’s with Notradamus, yes I do own TARDIS just like Notradamus, Dr Who and some guy who like to call him self Pather. I got it for good deal at

    I can tell what will say soon (as his TARDIS has broken flux capacitor)

    The PS4 will come out in next 3 years.
    He will say something like ever 2 years.
    Also say it would be sold for about $250-$800.
    Say it amazing. All the press will take it as fact.
    People will be amazaed by his insite. And every will forget when he gets so wrong.

    • Is English your first language?

      • There is 2 ways that you could take comment.

        Really is there an true justification in it. Are you agree are disagree with the comment.

        I just choice not to be as insulting as you are. So here the basic facts which you probley do not already know about me.

        1) I am English as was born in to English family.
        2) I am Dyslexic (something I am very proud about).
        3) I have contributed code to various projects 2 of them are called apache and firefox, verious other things. I will not say about C64/Amiga/ST/PS1/PS2/GameCube/Wii stuff I have done (Yes I put that one in there as I can make pointless comment as well)

        What would help lot is Preview/Edit comment. I wount fix it al time as will not see it as wrong.

      • Yeah, I’ve always wanted an edit button, but just because I’m a little obsessive.

    • Tony, baby, love the cynical approach.

  9. Perhaps it’s too early in the day for me, perhaps it’s the way I read it, but it kinda sounds like your a bit bitter about not having had a hands on yourself

    Anyway. The tagline says ngp price will be high, which is exactally what I think pachter is when he makes these predictions. He just has a few tokes, pours water onto a mirror in a room lit just by candles, and then jots down whatever he sees

  10. Leave it Pachter, we’ll wait for TSA’s verdict.

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