SSX Shows Off Elise

EA continues to reassure veterans of the PS2 SSX era with these new images. Not only do they bring back a fan favourite, Elise, they show some colour and the insane trick abilities of the riders.

Call me a hopeless nostalgist if you like but the colourful hues and twisted, icy caverns in these images really do bring back memories of SSX (Tricky was my favourite) and the feeling of unbound joy that the series used to be capable of.


SSX doesn’t have a release date yet but it is in development for PS3 and Xbox 360. It can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

Source: EA



  1. Ace, wonder if the rest will follow suit, maybe we will see a new Coolboarders too?

  2. The two seconds of gameplay footage in that last dev diary reassured me :D

  3. I was also a massive fan of Tricky. Hope this will live upto expectations!

    • Anyone who doesn’t hold Tricky as their favourite SSX should arrange for a cat scan asap.

  4. SSX Trciky was my favourite too, loved that game so much and was awesome in split screen with mates. I particularly remember is garibaldi, (the first track) as i used to dominate on it. ( brings back memories)

    I hope this turns out to be great!

    • Wow, big rush of memories. Used to bloody love Tricky, one of the best sports games ever.

  5. I remember buying SSX with my PS2 on launch day because the shop I went to had sold out of Tekken Tag. Ended up really enjoying the game and loving Tricky even more. As long as they have maintained the SSX vibe, I will have to check this game out :)

  6. I’ve been playing Tricky and On Tour on my PS2 constantly for the last year, always starting again from the beginning cos I lost my memory card and seeing how far I get each time, and have wanted for sooo long a shiny new SSX. I’m happy now :)

  7. I really can’t wait for this game.

  8. SSX Tricky was one of the games I got with my PS2, so I am really excited for this! After seeing the small glimpse of gameplay in the latest dev diary I have high hopes for this game! :D

  9. Everything about Tricky was better than 3. Everything.

  10. Never played Tricky, only 3. I’ve looked for it on the stores, but I’ve never been able to buy it. It’s looking great, though, and I want it to be great. I NEED IT TO BE GREAT! @jonny_bolton: Elise’s default hair was better in 3.

    • P.S.: Is “On Tour” any good?

      • P.S.2: I Hope it’s pseudo-open-world like 3, I really loved that.

      • On Tour was decent, but it wasn’t quite as good as Tricky. Never played 3 (heard i didn’t miss out on much though), so i can’t compare it to that i am afraid.

      • And man, I do hope those Tricky Ubers Tricks are the Uberest ever. Sorry, I know this is my fourth comment, but, even though I just played one game in the series – SSX3 – I couldn’t be more excited for this game.

      • I think SSX3 is one of the best games on the PS3. You could race down the entire mountain all in one go, and you had this SUPER UBER tricks where you’d throw the board 40ft away, it would spin around a bit and then go back to your feet. I hope we get Super Ubers in this one.

      • You missed out on the best one Forrest.

      • no he didn’t ryan, tricky all the way! :P

      • I’m going to guess, and say that tricky-3 is kinda like Uncharted 1-2. The ones that played tricky or Uc1 first saw it with a refreshing look and who played 3 or Uc2 later, at which point they saw it didn’t match their incredible expectations, and only saw the bad things the game had. Those who played 3-Uc2 first, saw it as fresh new game, with better controls and graphics than the previous.

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