Portal 2 Sells More On 360 Than PS3

Despite claims from Valve (and elsewhere) that the PS3 version of Portal 2 was the best, at least in terms of console versions, it looks like the 360 version has outsold it.

According to trade site MCV, the PS3 version accounts for 35% of UK sales, and the Xbox 360 version 54%. The PC version will obviously be more than is currently being quoted (11%) if you take into account Steam sales.


Whether this has anything to do with the recent PSN downtime is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly worth mentioning.

Whichever version you went for (if any) Portal 2 is a fabulous game.



  1. And this is the UK where PS3 sales compare favourably to 360 sales, imagine the figures from the US?

    • not everyone can have taste

    • Yes IMAGINE! And then make wild accusation on the internet to try and make it sounds MORE DRAMATIC! ALternatively, wait until the US figures are published.

      Also please note these are UK sales – not EUROPE sales.I bet the Europe sales are much more even.

      So to conclude: this is a TINY fraction of the overall sales of Portal 2, and nothing to get you knickers in a twist about.

      • Completely off topic, but most of the recent posts I’ve seen from you seem so angry…
        I don’t see anything in cc’s post that asks for such a harsh response.

      • KeRaSh: CC is always looking for opportunities to rag on the PS3, despite owning one. It’s a strange but subtle phenomenon you’ll notice if you read all his comments. When called out, he claims he’s not stirring the pot but just making an observation. Whatever, I’ve learned to ignore it for the most part.

        Tuffcub: Totally agree.

        TSA: Can you please drop the “TSA News Team” thing? I want to know who writes these articles – particularly ones like this – the anonymity is completely unnecessary.

      • @KeRaSh

        People, especially jessedeya & a couple of others, read into comments what they want to, I’m used to it and couldn’t give two hoots.

        I’ve even been accused of sticking up for Geohot when I’ve done no such thing, I just try to see things from an independent viewpoint whereas quite a few see everything with some Sony branded glasses on

      • in the time I have been here I feel you like your for the more negative side of things imo.

      • While many people here claim some of us are deliberately against Sony in every aspect, I have the feeling that the problem is them being too pro-Sony and not understanding a neutral standpoint.

    • Well in fairness, I always see adverts that say ON Xbox 360, despite it being a multiplatform game, I never see Sony adverts unless for a few exclusives.

      Last time I checked, there were more 360’s in the UK.

      • No, there are now more PS3’s in UK, Europe and Japan. The Xbox is only king in America, which is why the American gaming websites are over protective of it.

      • Incorrect, the 360 leads the ps3 in the UK. Or at least it did by about 1m in January. As the ps3 only hit 3m in January it would needed to have shifted a lot of consoles in the last 4 months.

        The UK follows the US, the rest of Europe is very different.

    • All this highlights is how idiotic gamers are. As the PS3 is the version to get.

      Not only does it have much better graphics and framerate, it includes steamworks (and hence user-gen content and free DLC), and it comes with a free copy for PC/Mac too.

      I’m guessing PS3 owners have too many other great games to be playing right now, so will pick it up at some future point.

      Must be a sad day for Xbox owners, all having to flock to anything worthwhile now.

      • “Must be a sad day for Xbox owners.”

        I think they’re okay, considering their network is up.

    • The 360 still as a very significant lead over the ps3 in the UK. I believe it was about 4m to 3m back in January but the 360 has been increasing its lead.

      If the PSN being down has effected sales then the PS3 sales haven’t been too bad. There’s also been a ton of PS3 games already this year. I’ve certainly been struggling to keep up.

      • Before someone picks me up on it I’ve just realised they were jan 2010 numbers not 2011. I still highly doubt the ps3 has caught up over the last year with the increase sales the 360 picked up due to Kinect.

    • Jesus Christ, can’t anyone read “where PS3 sales compare favourably to 360 sales”

      Also, that 1m advantage was in the first year… PS3 sales have broadly speaking equalled 360 sales since, so the number of active users is generally though to not be far off the same

  2. That’s both surprising and worrying… And PSN being down is probably partly to blame for this, I reckon. Hmmm.

    • I don’t know, I own both consoles (and favour PS3), I wouldn’t make the decision “I want to play online but can’t on PS3 I’ll get the 360 version”. But maybe thats just me, the real decider would be is 360 version cheaper??

      Of course just my opinion – as said above I favour PS3.

      • Neither would I, as the PS3 version’s supposed to be the better of the two… That’s why I find this slightly surprising.
        I’m no sales analyst though, mind… ;)

    • I for one haven’t even bought Portal 2 yet. PSN outage being the specific reason.

  3. I guessed as much. A few factors including Orange Box’s underdeveloped port to the PS3, PSN failures, MotorStorm/SOCOM, and a lack of awareness regarding Steam features are likely to be rooted somewhere.

    • I think the lack of awareness is an important part, we shouldn’t forget that even though a lot of us scour the internet for any tidbit of information about a game, that’s not necessarily true for most people, and looking at the Portal 2 PS3 cover it doesn’t even mention any added features on the front, only a little bit on the back

  4. I can’t say I’m surprised, the orange box was originally a 360 exclusive, Portal will have a bigger fan base on 360 than it will on PS3. Mountain, molehill?

    • Well played.

    • No it wasn’t, The Orange Box was on both 360 and PS3, but it failed to really perform on either platform. L4D and L4D2 were exclusive to 360 on consoles, though.

      • Fraid not, the 360 version was released in October with the PS3 version following 2 months later. Considering the Franchises on the box were heavily Xbox related ones, the main audience would have been 360ers. The majority of people who would have bought it, would have bought it on 360 in those 2 months.

  5. In other news I went in the kitchen this morning.

    • I read about that in the Guardian, fascinating it was.

    • But what did you do in the kitchen?

  6. All the PS3 gamers I know are simply too busy for Portal 2. They are all getting it just not right away.

    You only have to look at the line ups to see why the PS3 version has sold less from the off.

    However given time it will switch up if you ask me. PS3Gamers need to trust/fall back in love with Valve which will happen, it will just take a little time.

    • I think you’re right regarding the PS3 people waiting. I have noticed a general trend that PS3 (main) users are much more shrewd (tight?) with their money, where as the x360 crowd tend to buy as soon as.
      I own both consoles but am primarily a PS3 user and have lately taken to waiting for price drops before picking up a game that I’m not completely ecstatic about.
      I have no hard facts or figures, but I remember having the same thought before for another release.

      Maybe PS3 users are just more money wise?

      • Or maybe PS3 users just have more games to choose from, this year has hardly seen the usual slew of 360 games and exclusives. Portal 2 is really all that has stood out on 360 this year, where as a lot of PS3 owner I know are still slogging their way through games they’ve yet to complete.

  7. Another factor would be simply that it’s Valve’s first attempt at the PS3 for several years. In the meantime we’ve had L4D and L4D2 both skipping the PS3 and going to the 360, which means that those valve fans that were on the fence would likely have gone with the 360 over the PS3.

    Then they’ll have built up a collection of achievements, and simply don’t fancy getting a/it for PS3.

    Whilst a very difference circumstance, you’d expect similar sales balance should Gear of War 3 come over to the PS3 with a simultaneous release. It will also be very interesting to see the balance between the consoles for Mass Effect 3.

  8. I thought it was just that the 360 is the home of FPS games on console. The few friends I have with 360’s tend to play nothing but FPS games!

    • This is my general consesus, 360 is a FPS or shooter console, PS3 is more well, other stuff. That’s the way I have always considered them.

  9. Their loss. I know I enjoy the PC version that came with it.

  10. It doesnt matter if it sold more on 360. The PS3 is still the superior version.

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