Sony Developer URL All But Confirms Vita Name

The rumours are hotting up as blogs shut down and people backtrack – the Vita name is starting to take hold and evidence is mounting that the name we all hated is actually going to end up being the one we love.  We think.

The SCE developer site now has a Vita. subdomain, found by the detectives over at GAF, which whilst not confirming much at all, it does suggest Sony are at least admitting it’s real or – quite possibly – they’re watching sites like TSA and having a giggle.


That subdomain didn’t resolve yesterday, apparently, although ngp. does too, so who knows what this latest discovery actually tells us.

All one big elaborate ruse to throw us all off scent?  Possibly, and if so, it’s a good one.



  1. “they’re watching sites like TSA and having a giggle.”

    This made me laugh. I like the name so if it ends up being real, it’s all good.

  2. Just call it Sony Handheld and be done with it

    • Yeah! None of these rubbish ‘Vita’ names.

  3. *grabs popcorn and waits for people to arrive and complain about Vita*
    E3 is going to be fun. :D

    • Yeah the five hour long press conference by Sony is really gonna be interesting.
      I mean I jumped when I heard how long its gonna be better stock up on coffee I am gonna need it.

      • The press conference is not going to be 5 hours long, it’ll probably be 2 or so hours. The press ‘event’ is 5 hours long, that includes the after conference stuff.
        Jeff Rubenstein on the US blog said the conference would be similar in length to last years (which was slightly over 2 hours, if I remember correctly)

      • 3 hours of that time will be spent bowing, it’ll only be 2hours ;)

  4. About time Sony got their own back ;)

  5. Would be fun if Sony are doing this to put us off the scent!

  6. Didn’t they register loads of name’s for Move like Arc and whatever? I’d prefer an announcement at E3, rather than it all being spoiled early.

  7. Maybe Vita is a name for another future product!

  8. It sounds like a Song Ericsson device. Didn’t they bring out a Vivaz or something?

  9. I like the name Vita, its better than saying PSP2.

  10. Remember how we all laughed at a certain motion-controlled console when it comes out, and yet no-one takes the Wii these days…

    We’ll get used to saying the Playstation Vita, although at the moment it sounds odd and not-really-a-word-ish. However, it probably IS award somewhere in the world, and Sony will (in due course) trot out how it means ‘play well’ or ‘handheld bliss’ or whatever.

    Basically, it’s just a brand name and all the normal ones have been allocated years ago so we’re reduced to the silly/strange ones.

    • Vita is latin for “life” – as in vitality. So not really that strange?

    • Eh … vita is Latin (and Italian) for life.

      • I’m pretty sure a Japanese word would have sounded cooler and why Italian/Latin?!?
        Sony is Japanese.
        Also Italians usually have awesome names, (I’m thinking of cars here xD)

    • La Vita Fugge

    • Yes, I accept that Vita is Latin for life – I didn’t know that, but then again I don’t know a dead language (apart from BASIC) – but (in some ways) my point was that brand names are getting a bit obscure these days, what with the internationalisation of brands etc, so one name, a phonetic sound that is easy to remember, has to appeal to as many territories as possible, and so a specific word from a particular language (even one as widespread as English) may not be best.

      • I think the Italians might take offense at being considered a dead culture!

      • Being a dead language, the name being in Latin would not make the name any less international? Especially as Latin is a big influence in most countries. Even if Latin is not a huge part of the vocabulary of the language, e.g. Japan, it influences them. Japan’s games industry frequently throws around Latin words. Look at Final Fantasy 012 [duodecim], “duodecim” being 12 in Latin.

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