Sony Dismisses Report Claiming Hirai Will Be Next Company President

Sony’s board has issued a statement saying that a decision on Sony’s next president has not yet been made. A report published by the Japanese business paper, The Nikkei, claimed that Kaz Hirai would be promoted to the role of company President by April 2012.

Kaz Hirai had worked specifically on the PlayStation brand for Sony, helping it get to its current successful position, becoming President of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. in 2007. In April 2011 Kaz Hirai was promoted to Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President of Sony, a much broader role overseeing the Consumer Products and Services group.


The report had claiomed that Kaz Hirai would be promoted to the role of President to  ease the role of Howard Stringer, the current CEO, Chairman and President of Sony.




  1. Kevin Butler hung up in a crazy love triangle between himself, Kaz Hirai and Howard Stringer. Who will he choose? Mondays 10 pm on NBC.

  2. Someone from the TSA party could be a great candidate.

  3. Antoinette McKeown

    • damn was supposed to post that in google, long morning

      • That could’ve ended in a far more interesting predicament…..

      • I’ve never seen anyone mistake the TSA comments section as Google before! If everyone started doing it, we’d be rich!

      • Haha yeah happens all the time, opens up a tab and I forget what I was going to do next.

  4. I’d like to see Kaz Hirai tucked away from the media more often so this position would be perfect for him.

    You know when someone sits there delivering to the camera and you think “ah… I can barely trust a word out of your mouth”? That.

    More so than most spin-doctors and top brass trying to win us over.

    He never sounds sincere or truthful.

    • Its his eyes. He looks like he could be stealing your wallet while telling you how good the Playstation is. Still, Love the guy. Boy done good.

      • Like storing your credentials in plain text. Brilliant strategist.

  5. Maybe Kaz will move up, and Jack Tretton will get a bigger role, similar to Kaz’s previous one?

  6. President Butler or we riot

  7. they actually commented on rumour and speculation? o_O

    • Probably because this would have an effect on their shareprice.

  8. If he does get it i hope we still see him at the PlayStation events. He is a GOD;)

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