SSX “Surviving Travis Rice’s World” Trailer Released

With the game’s launch less than 2 months away, the hype machine for SSX will be starting to hit full power. A new trailer has been released, and EA has enlisted the help of pro snowboarder ‘Travis Rice’ to talk us through surviving the mountain.


It looks tricky!

Source: EA



  1. Please be as good as you look.

  2. That doesn’t look anything like the game i remember. Where’s the fun?

    • It does look far more serious. While it looks good, it’d look better if it wasn’t practically monochrome.

      • I’m not sure that its supposed to be proper gameplay, other videos from late last year still feature the proper SSX characters and the usual daft jumps and tricks. Maybe its just some sort of promotional tie-in with tame gameplay thats supposed to represent Travis the nut-job.

  3. hoping this is going to be a great game

  4. Me.Want.This.Game!

  5. I hope it’s better than the abomination of the game’s official “It’s Trcky” track. God awful!

  6. Still undecided about this one.

  7. It looks great but i don’t think ill be anywhere near finished Skyrim to pick it up, plus i still have Saints Row to power through too.

  8. I demand demo. Sadly there’s less these days :/

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