Is This Our First Glimpse At God of War IV?

Independent gaming outlet, PlayStation Gang, is reporting that leaked footage from God of War IV has hit the net. The 68-second teaser is mostly panning shots of fancy-looking artwork and inaudible voice-overs, though the iconic booming of Terrence C. Carson is nowhere to be heard.

Here’s a transcript of the trailer dialogue, make of it what you will:

The phoenix has-been drinking your blood, full of your anger, your strength, and During her rebirth, she Also has let you in life.
Now I ask you, what are you going to do … would you leave me here in hell?
Kratos, wake up, wake up!

There’s the smallest chance that it could be legit, though there are a number of factors that would suggest otherwise. The new PlayStation intro is present, though the Santa Monica Studios logo remains unchanged since it first appeared in God of War III.

An ESRB is also present at the beginning of the trailer, though no such game under the name God of War IV has been filed (to our knowledge.) Usually when we spot debut trailers we’re shown the RP/Rating Pending icon, even if the game is clearly meant for adult audiences.


  1. The games actual logo looks very amateur, and the images are all incredibly basic inside the actual trailer. Unless this is an extremely basic concept they were working off while producing a real trailer, I say fake.

    • “The phoenix has-been drinking your blood, full of your anger……your blood, full of your anger”

      why does it repeat at that point? I say fake!

      • He also doesnt say Kratos, is sounds more like “Grantoma”

    • Yeah, those were my first thoughts on the title too. The music brought back some good memories, but i’m fairly sure this is fake

    • I agree, the voice acting is terrible aswell.

  2. Though four was Kratos and Demios coop blockbuster escape from the pits of hell….I’ll wait for that trailer. Love GOW series.

  3. I do hope its Kratos & one of his brothers. I loved Ghost of Sparta. I have no reason to object this is fake, we all know so many leaks have happened in this gen when it comes to games

  4. Well i don’t know what value this has, other than fuel for speculation.

  5. ‘PlayStation Gang’? I wonder if they meet up with the ‘Xbox Gang’ in the park for a FiiiiiiGHT! ! ! LoL:D

    + The Video don’t look real to me but i am SURE ‘God of War 4’ is coming :P Ahh the PlayStation Brand puts other gaming brands to same with their SEXY Exclusives;)

  6. Hmm, i don’t know it if it a fake as i’m not sure if Kratos’s brother has said those words in any of the game.

    But if there is a GOW4, i hope it will be the last Kratos based game as imo, his story should have ended in GOW3 due to him being one angry spartan.

  7. Cant wait for GOW IV so i can have a 6th god of war platinum lool. But this is fake, i hope its fake coz its pure shit really, a typical gow trailer looks amazing, not this thing.

  8. The fact that it’s not been pulled yet suggests it’s a fake.

  9. You never know looks fake but then it could turn out to be a leak. Never liked GoW but I bet its real.

  10. really a mix of screens the ps screen looks like an advert from a vita tv ad curious as to the reality of gow 4 as the ending of 3 really nailed the lid on kratos’s coffin… i would expect a spin off but not a full blown gow

    • “the ending of 3 really nailed the lid on kratos’s coffin”

      not necessarily, as the last bit of the credits shows the location Kratos took his own life and only a pool of blood and the sword….

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