Xbox 360 Sales Drop By 50%

Sales of the Xbox 360 halved in the last quarter compared to the previous year’s same three months, Microsoft’s financial reports indicate.

For the period ending March 31st, 1.4 million consoles were shipped, which is approximately half of what it did in 2011. With the reduced sales, revenue for the platform dropped a third, to approximately $580 million.


Xbox Live revenues increased.

The Xbox 360 revenue amounted to around 33% of the $1.6 million total the division brought in, which saw an overall drop of 16%. The Entertainment and Devices division includes the likes of Skype and Microsoft’s Windows Phone licensing.

$100 million is, Microsoft claim, due to R&D, presumably for a new console.

Tough figures, but they’re likely to be echoed by Sony at least, especially as the 360 remains the top-selling console, and has done for 15 consecutive months.

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  1. Further proof that new consoles aren’t necessarily wanted, but are needed

  2. It’s worth emphasising that the 50% year-on-year fall for the latest quarter is largely due to the spectacular first three months of 2011 that the Xbox 360 enjoyed. Those post-Kinect launch months saw stunning growth over the previous year of 80%.

    Q3 2010 – 1.5m
    Q3 2011 – 2.7m
    Q3 2012 – 1.4m

    So the 360 is still selling as well as it was two years ago. I doubt Microsoft see that as a problem this far into the cycle. In fact they’re probably quite happy with those numbers.

    • Yes, this is true.

    • Well now I look like a fool….

      • Microsoft have been quite happy to accept the fall in hardware revenue for the rise in Xbox Live revenue. This fall is normal towards the end of a consoles lifecycle and the R&D budget shows they’re working on something.

  3. I might be tempted to buy one if they announce a price drop at E3.

    If just for XBLA titles.

  4. I think a lot of people will be holding out now for the new consoles, as rumours escalate.

    • Yeah, but they are nothing more than that at the moment. Rumours.

      If something had been officially announced then i could understand it, but to base any decision off of nothing more than rumour would be a little silly imo.

      • I agree. I cant see peolpe holding out for something that could double the price of a 360.

    • Very true, I’m tempted to pick up a 360 for all the great exclusives and superior online service, but I’m going to wait until E3 so I can see about next-gen.

      • maybe when you own one after spending 40 on getting it going you will see the only difference is kinect friendly apps.

  5. Unbelievable! With fantastic blockbuster titles like Kinect Star Wars?

  6. Is the Xbox only the highest seller in the USA? Pretty sure it’s not in Europe, Australasia or Japan.

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