Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC Trailer

The final Batman: Arkham City DLC will be available on May 29th and features saucy temptress, Harley Quinn.

No price has been set but the DLC will provide over two hours of new game play as Batman & Robin head into the city one last time.


Source: YouTube



  1. Any news on the likely pricing of this?

  2. Wasn’t a huge fan of Arkham City as it never really gave each villian a decent amount of screen time. This new DLC looks great though so I will probably fork out the 800ms points for it.

  3. Spoiler: Batman beats her up and saves the day. ;)

    Harley Quinn is a pushover so i suspect the final fight will be very anti climatic. In AA, she got her arse kicked by batman, in AC(so far as i’ve only just bought it yesterday and haven’t gotten that far into the story) Batman defeats her with very little effort.

    Looks interesting though and may be the only Bat Dlc that i will get as the rest doesn’t interest me. :) Only if it’s £8 or less though.

    • True, but she’s looking very cheesed off since the ending of AC lol.

      I would imagine it will follow the usual Batman formula of having her standing over an arena while you fend off multiple henchmen before finally throwing a batarang or something at her. World saved :)

  4. Blimey, finally a DLC pack that doesn’t just consist of production line challenge rooms.

  5. What an arse.

  6. Only may 29th in NA. Pretty sure we have to wait til November!!!

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