Prepare For Harley Quinn’s Revenge In New Arkham City DLC Trailer

“Payback’s a bitch” according to the latest Batman: Arkham City DLC trailer.

Both Batman and the boy wonder Robin are set to take the stage in the new Harley Quinn’s Revenge downloadable content, available on 29th May.


What if I don’t currently own Arkham City, I hear you cry. The Harley Quinn-centric DLC is also set to be part of the Game of the Year Edition, which goes to retail on the same day in America, but not in Europe until 7th September.

Source: Youtube



  1. Wasn’t a major fan of Arkham City but I love Joker and Harley so I’ll definitely be checking this out :)

  2. The GOTY only release in the US on the same day, EU and other countries have to wait several months. Add to the article? :)

  3. GotYaaaawwwwnn.

    So there must be more DLC coming for this then right? As personally, i don’t see how a few challenge rooms & one singlpayer expansion makes a GotY.

    • 2 at least, right?
      You’ve forgotten the infamous Catwoman DLC…

      • Personally, i don’t class that as DLC, as it was PART OF THE BLEEDING GAME!

        I know they ripped it out & slapped the DLC label on it to make a quick buck, but she was always advertised as being part of the game, even at Eurogamer!

  4. I’ll get this from Lovefilm so I can play the DLC as I’ve already completed the main game and traded it in. Glad I kept my saves.

  5. Robin sort of reminds me of an old fashion highwayman when he has a hooded cloak

  6. Excellent. Really can’t be doing with the challenge rooms so it’s great to see some more plot based DLC being released!

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