BioWare Working With Aussie Dev on Wii U Mass Effect 3 Port

Straight Right, a sister company to Tantalus Media who were previously rumoured to be working on ME3 for the Wii U, has confirmed that it’s working on the title. They made the confirmation via their facebook page, linking to a fairly characterless GamesRadar interview with Melanie Faulkner who is working on the Wii U version for BioWare.

The Wii U version of the game will feature an interactive digital comic that allows users to make the choices they are missing through not having played the earlier games in the series. It also features plenty of touchscreen interaction during the game, with customisable buttons that can be linked to the player’s abilities to use them without the need for the pausing radial menu.


Straight Right has previously worked on the iOS adaptation of Shift 2: Unleashed. Mass Effect 3 will be a Wii U launch title, whenever that launch may be.

Source: Facebook



  1. Can’t imagine first-time players will get much out of this game…the comic in the PS3 port of ME2 was confusing enough! And what exactly do these guys have that means they get to do the port anyway? iOS being the only platform they’ve worked on, are they ready for a full console port?

    • maybe they’re just getting them working on the interface for the controller, i can’t see them handing off a big project like this to a new studio that’s only ever done Ios titles.

  2. Seems a bit pointless to port over the last game in a trilogy because it’s not like ME is about one human saving the galaxy and sleeping with Assari. Oh wait… They should have tried to get ME2 ported over as well so that people can play 2/3 of the trilogy. Plus, ME doesn’t really need a touchscreen control option as there doesn’t seem to be anything that begs for a touchscreen imo. I wonder if the sex scenes will be censored?

    • maybe the sex scenes will have touch screen support.

      something like that kiss justin beiber app.
      except not featuring beiber, so less likely to induce vomiting. ^_^

      • i mean Femshep and Liarra, tongue support.

        too much? ^_^

  3. Haven’t played ME3, yet because I wanted in on the PC to import my save games from ME1 and ME2 but I refuse to use Origin. I might have to get a console version someday just to finish the series… I can see the second screen working pretty well in ME.

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