All-Star Battle Royale Beta Emails Go Out

Lucky PlayStation fans will no doubt be jumping around their living rooms at the news that beta invites have been rolling out this afternoon for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


The invites, which activate a special Cross-Play mode (so you can play against Vita owners on your PS3, and vice versa) allow play with Kratos, PaRappa The Rapper, Fat Princess and a couple more.

We’re not sure what the selection criteria is for the beta, so if you get in, enjoy and let us know what you think.

You can read our hands-on with the beta here.



  1. That sounds so cool…haven’t got an email though :(

  2. I got a code but not tried it yet.

  3. Yay got a code for the Vita client :)

    They asked for registrants through the PSN beta site on the EU blog a couple weeks ago so surely that is the selection criteria ;)

  4. I got a code for the Vita version. Only played one game so far which I managed to win with a bit of button mashing. I found it a bit hard to follow on the small screen as it moves pretty fast and can get a bit confused at times, looks good though. Will be interesting to hear how the PS3 version plays.

  5. Could not connect and game kept freezing

  6. I’m in but it does specifically say for the Vita. Will try it out tomorrow!

  7. I got a code for the Vita version too, haven’t tried it yet as its still downloading though. I wonder how it compares to the PS3 version and whether the Cross Play feature works properly.

  8. My wife got the beta for this here in the US a while ago and above all else it absolutely needs a screen telling you which buttons do what! Besides having no idea how to play, it’s a bit tough to follow the on-screen action and keep track of your character. Still pretty fun despite the ultimate confusion.

  9. Also got a code for the Vita, will try a quick battle now before sleep.

  10. Anyone willing to barter for a beta code? :P

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