Community Round-Up: 29/09/2012

It’s the Eurogamer Expo this weekend, and if you’re lucky enough to be going I’m sure you’ll have a great time meeting up with the TSA Staff and other community members! Anyway, if you’re not going you can still catch up with all the news and other community articles from this week right now in the Community Roundup!

The TSA MSA Festival has come to an end, find out who is the champion after 6 weeks of intense competition!

That’s pretty much it, but I hear a little birdie telling me that next week is going to be… interesting.

Moving on to the TSA Meets, it’s a tad quiet this week:

Tomorrow sees the DiRT Showdown meet starting at the usual time of 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, while Monday sees Death_in_flamez hosting the Motorstorm Apocalypse meet at 8pm.

That’s all so far, but there are practically daily F1 meets going on without official listings. Feel free to hop in on those during the week (just ask for who to add), and keep checking back as I’m sure we’ll see the usual meets pop up during the week, or why not create one yourself if you have 250 TSA Points or more?

No new Reviews, but there’s Aran’s Preview of Assassins Creed 3, which is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year. Tuffcub also has a Preview of Smart As, the PS Vita title which is kind of like a brain training game, except it isn’t. Give it a read and you’ll understand!

The Chronicle this week features SpikeyMikey’s gaming rig, complete with a zimmer frame steering wheel contraption! WeView last week looked at the PS3’s launch line-up, and this week it’s taking a look at the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Teflon had a chat with Jen Timms about LittleBigPlanet Karting, while Alex also talked to Laughing Jackal about various things including the new PlayStation Mobile service. Continuing with the interviewing theme, Kris talks to Meagan Marie about the new Tomb Raider game in this video interview.

From the TSA funhouse in London, Peter introduces TSA’s Coverage of EGX, and you can also catch the Day 1 Podcast. I’m sure there’ll be plenty more videos and podcasts being posted over the weekend, I’m particularly hoping that we see Kris dancing again! Lastly, Greg brings us What We Played #72.

From the forums, let’s see what we’ve got:

  • Louise is excited for EGX, if you’re going too, what games are you interesting in playing?
  • Sympozium has a thread for sharing indie games deserving of Steam’s Greenlight
  • And with November round the corner, sick_puppy has a thread about Movemeber

Last week, Agent 47 took on Big Boss, but was unfortunately humiliated in a 6 – 0 defeat. I’ve been hooked on Borderlands 2 recently (just like many other TSAers) so I thought I’d see how a Psycho would fair against Big Boss.

Big Boss

  • Stealthy.
  • Lots of gadgets and gizmos.
  • Not actually a naked snake.


  • One eye must make depth perception a bit tricky.
  • Least imaginative antagonist name ever.
  • I seriously doubt even he could quite figure out all the plot twists and turns which led to yet another 30 minute piece of exposition about how nuclear weapons are bad, the people in charge are also evil, and some other stuff besides. Still, got to forgive Kojima his preachiness, haven’t we?


  • Have no fear of death, as they are, literally psycho.
  • Fast moving, they can also deal heavy damage if they get up close.
  • Come in various forms, including flaming, slagged, suicidal ones and more.


  • Do poor damage from range as they can only throw their axe
  • Small shields mean they can easily be killed before they get close enough to attack.
  • Often end up fighting Goliaths, which never ends well for them.

And there it is. This week’s Roundup seemed slightly shorter, but there’s plenty of articles and videos from EGX for you to look at if you’re bored over the next week or so. Anyway, I’ll be back next week, see ya!



  1. Excellent EGX coverage, with some impressive interviews bagged. The TSA staff certainly seem to be getting their interview fingers in some tasty pies at the exhibition! ;)

  2. Big Boss gets my vote again! Looking forward to more EGX stuff, good work gents.

  3. Big Boss, easy. He can empty infinite ammo into a Psycho’s face!

  4. Physcho cause its crazzzzey

  5. Big Boss, 100%
    the psycho is basically the cannon fodder of Borderlands, unless there’s like a hundred of them, they don’t stand a chance against a highly trained soldier like BB.

    lastly, what happened to last weeks Motorstorm video?

    did i just miss it or was it not posted?

  6. +1 vote for big boss.

  7. Big Boss. The psycho does not fear death but it also means that he is reckless and will just charge into battle. Whereas Big Boss will observe the situation, then figure out the best way to kill/incapitate him. Plus, he’s taken on Metal Gear, was set alight by his own son and lived, captured and managed to get escape multiple times as well as being tortured. That and if he dies, it would cause a colossal time paradox that would result in the destruction of the MGS universe.

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