PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Roster Is Complete: No Crash Or Snake.

If you were hoping to play as Crash Bandicoot, Solid Snake or Nathan Hale in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale then you’re going to be disappointed, at least when the game launches.

PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman has tweeted that they “have revealed the full launch lineup of characters” which is (deep breath):


Nariko, Big Daddy, Good Cole MacGrath, Evil Cole MacGrath, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Dante, Raiden, PaRappa the Rappe, Colonel Radec, Fat Princess, Heihachi Mishima, Kratos, Nathan Drake, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Sackboy, Spike, Sweet Tooth and – yep – Toro.

The obvious omission are characters from the Resistance franchise, we suspect they – and many other characters – will arrive down the line as DLC.

Source: Twitter.



  1. Raiden but no Snake? Clearly he’ll be DLC then.

  2. No Spyro either :(

    • There’s no arguing that Spyro deserves to be on the roster, but consider two things:

      1) He’s a quadruped. That’s got to be difficult to make a fighting style out of.

      2) I bet you anything (seeing how we’re getting New Dante, and Raiden instead of Snake) that Activision would hop on the promotional bandwagon and include the fug ugly Spyro from Skylanders instead of the one we all remember :(

      • 1) nintendo managed it with Pikachu.

        2) probably. ^_^

  3. I also heard that Kat from Gravity Rush might be a future character.

  4. I so hope Abe is gonna be a playable character.

    • Stewart Gilray said he couldn’t talk about that, so i’d say that’s as good as a confirmation.

      • Yeah I saw that, it means they are in talks at the very least.

    • Abe would be awesome, I bet his super would be a killer fart :D

  5. Fine by me. Game plays well and is good fun, has a good cast of characters :)

  6. Gutted no Crash :-( but i am still buying it DAY 1 :-P (+ i don’t want to say this because i despise DLC but i would buy Crash as a DLC add-on, & even Snake & Lara because they are PS1/PlayStation to me) ;)

  7. They’ll want to cash in on major amounts of DLC, and strangely, I don’t mind. As long as they trickle it out without any day one nonsense. I was hoping for some hidden unlockables though, seems like that’s not so likely anymore.

    • If you look at gameplay videos from PAX and such, you’ll see that the summary after each battle has a heading that says ‘unlockables’ ;)

      • Yeah, but that’s probably items and costumes, not characters.

  8. It seems like the majority of characters people feel have been left out (Crash, Spyro, Snake, Lara, Cloud, Sora) are all third-party. Which says to me that Sony has actually ticked most of the first-party boxes :) I imagine people would be a lot angrier if Kratos, Ratchet and Drake weren’t included!

    And lest we forget, Smash Bros started out with just twelve characters and didn’t get any third-party fighters until their third iteration. So I say SuperBot has done pretty well for their first go, gaining third-party support for a yet-to-be-established franchise shows at least some faith from Konami, 2K etc. And they’ve gone on record to say that if they can get Crash, they will make him available to download for free, which bodes well for other DLC fighters.

    I remain more excited for this game than any other in my life! :D

  9. Torooooooooo!!! Cant wait for this. November will bleeeed me dry

  10. i’d have liked to have seen Lara Croft.

    finally see who’s better, Nate or Lara.

    my vote goes for Lara. ^_^

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