Watch the First Episode of Halo’s “Forward Unto Dawn” Live Action Series Here

Halo 4 is fast approaching and with it comes the predictable ramping up of marketing efforts. There are few series that can command the sort of interest that Halo does, though so it’s really good to see them using that notoriety to do something interesting and different like this.


The video is 20 minutes long and shows a group of fresh-faced rookies as they embark on their UNSC career.



  1. Very good watch, especially 9:44

  2. I found it quite boring. Granted, it’s only 20 minutes, and they were trying to make these characters deep, but it just wasn’t entertaining in the long run. Especially after the hot girl scene at 9:44. It just went downhill from there. Who wants to see talking after that scene? It’s like showing a picture of this hot girl that you’ll meet on a blind date, but she ends up being 200 lbs in person. Then you’re stuck in boring conversations and hoping your escape phone call rings soon, but your “friend” won’t call because he’s mad at you for not paying back the money you owe him.

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