Community Round-Up: 03/11/12

Alright, it’s time to calm everything down after last week’s madness. It’s not Steven this time around, and Gazza’s feeling the need to take a little break from reality this weekend, so I’m back to fill in again.

Once again, the F1 post is set to go up this afternoon, so keep an eye out to see how people did in the second week of the competition there. In the meantime, you can always catch up on last week’s racing here.

We did have the winners of the two Meccano Gears of War King Raven kits announced early this week. Congratulations to GearsOfMush and TheLig on that front.

We don’t have anything new this week, but Bunimomike has asked me to send you all the direction of his Journey Soundtrack giveaway. He got it alongside the lovely looking Journey book, but already has it. So, as long as you have a US account on PSN, drop your name in this forum thread.

Not a lot on show in the Meets right now, with the Sunday DiRT Showdown Meet tomorrow at 6PM, and the counterpart Tuesday Showdown Meet at 8PM sandwiching the Max Payne 3 Meet on Monday at 9PM.

With any luck, I should be getting Need for Speed: Most Wanted in the post around about the time this goes live. If that happens, anyone fancy meeting me online this evening? I’ll pick you up around 7-ish. (Sadly, it didn’t show up today… Another time, guys!)

Later on in the week, I hope we’ll see the regular Battlefield 3 Meet and the newly rejuvenated Red Dead Redemption meets both created for Friday evening. Oh, and since RDR was an oldie that came back via PS+, I’d guess that Crysis 2 should get similar treatment soon…

If you want to create your own meet, you need 250 TSA points, and the ability to fill out a simple form linked to from the bottom of the Meets page.

Well. This has been a little busy, hasn’t it?

First up, on Monday night, Peter turned switched the site off. Then he turned it back on, did a firmware update and re-launched her into the Wild, Wild Web.

Freshly refocussed doesn’t mean we slacked off in bringing out a whole host of reviews, though. Two of the biggest games of the year hit home in the form of Halo 4 (Single Player) and Assassin’s Creed 3. Kris doesn’t think Halo 4 quite reaches the heights of some previous entries, whilst for Peter, Assassin’s Creed 3 just slips up in a few areas, though it’s still a great finish to the “trilogy”.

Elsewhere, Alex was sorely disappointed by Medal of Honor: Warfighter‘s single player, Peter was freshly addicted to Football Manager 2013, and Tuffcub found the hidden depths and wonders of Derrick the Deathfin. The last review comes from Aran for Killzone HD, a solid port of the original PS2 title, and one which neatly segues to everyone’s opinions!

Peter would love to see a Killzone 4 teaser around about now, of course, he’s probably thinking along the lines of something set more for the next generation, rumours of which Al pondered over with regards to the PS4. Then there was a great back and forth discussion between Al and Peter about which generation of console had the scariest games, alongside a guest piece from Origami Killer about fear and fearing fear, or something. Lastly, last Sunday Peter also tackled the tricky topic of the current scandals rocking the games media industry.

I’d be rather remiss if I didn’t mention Gamoc’s impressions from Prison Architect in here, I just liked that Killzone segue above!

Over in the community side of things, we have last week’s Community Chronicle, where Jones81 actually sent something in for me to feature. More of that, please. WeView wrapped up on Twisted Metal’s verdict, whilst the next game on the block is Dragon’s Dogma. Finally, we have the regular What We Played for you all to share your week’s gaming in the comments.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep an eye out during the week for Tuffcub’s snatch…es of news. The News Snatch is back!

Over in the forums:

Beyond that, you should really all hop in and say hello. Things have been a bit more active of late, as Bunimo woke up for his Birthday. He tends to get a little restless this time of year.

Anyway, that’s your lot. Gazza should be back next week, so see you then!



  1. Mmm I could be down for a meet on the fantastic NFS Most Wanted.

    • Don’t know about hot pursuit though lol I’m playing the new one myself ;) just noticed it says NSF Hot Pursuit.

      • Sorry NFS not NSF :D

      • Ugh. I meant Most Wanted… It’s all the same to me. :P

        Sadly, no delivery for me today. Some time next week, though!

      • No worries I had a gut feeling you meant Most Wanted ;)

    • I ballsed up my Origin/Autolog EA account when installing the game. Was having a quick practice using another account without redeeming the online pass that comes with game and it linked my Autolog/Origin membership to that account, and will not change membership to my main account, therefore not allowing Autolog or online connection. Single player is still available though.
      I’m in contact with EA to resolve the matter hopefully during the next few days , but in the meantime I have no Autolog or online access in the game……Ah well, lesson learnt!

      • That’s a bit of a bugger ain’t it you wouldn’t think it would just link like that you’d think you would be asked to create an origin account for the psn account you where using hopefully you’ll get it sorted.

      • That’s so crappy. Ugh.

      • Aaanyway……the game is so far a brilliant offering from Criterion, and without knowing yet I’d guess that the online modes are going to be a bit ace!
        You can certainly see elements of older NFS games in the gameplay and reminders of Burnout Paradise pop up in sections of the scenery and gameplay.
        So far so good ;)

  2. Indeed RDR will be on next week! Was a good meet yesterday with a full posse, all the hideouts done, and some co-op missions to round things off.

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