Retro City Rampage All Ready For European PS3s, Entering Certification Soon

Brian Provinciano, the man behind Retro City Rampage, has finally got the European PlayStation 3 release all sorted, the tweaked version with SCEE for certification – or will be soon. Whilst it released in the US some weeks back, it’s been silent over here from both the developer and the platform holder.

“As the remaining SKUs were not yet out the door at the time of launch, I made the decision to take this as an opportunity to ensure that at minimum, those still waiting for the game would get a better experience from the get-go,” said Brian, speaking to Eurogamer on why some versions landed well before the others.

Whilst there’s currently no release date, we’re hoping that the game will move quickly through SCEE’s notoriously QA procedures and not face too much in the way of delays going forward.

For everyone that’s already got the game, an update has been released that expands on some of the side missions, tweaks some speed issues and more checkpoints have been introduced to assist players struggling with the game’s difficulty levels.

Retro City Rampage is great fun, especially for those fond of the 8-bit style. It’s been selling incredibly well in the States, so let’s hope that the rather expanded release window won’t have put off too may European players who have had to make do with guessing when the game will be next mentioned this side of the pond.


  1. Let’s hope this game gets released next week or 2 weeks time then Europe can finally play this great game. Hope it doesn’t suffer 3-6 months delay like Dyad did.

    • Again, that was the developer delaying the release not Sony.

  2. At least one thing is getting released maybe CS next then Jetset radio then everything else

  3. “As the remaining SKUs were not yet out the door at the time of launch” – well I hope all the gimps who have been blaming Sony for the delay will now apologise.

    • For the lack of communication? Why should anyone apologise for wanting answers from the platform holder?


      • It’s true – A bit of transparency would go a long way.

        If they just take a moment to emplain things to their customers, they would be surprised how little complaints they get.

        Its the not knowing that gets people riled up.

      • Exactly, this is SCEE’s biggest issue of them all, communication. Sure it’s better, if you read through the replies from SCEE on the blog, but why should people go through multiple pages looking for answers to random questions.

        The blog layout needs to change. More content on one page, better index and LOTS more posts about delays, whats new, whats upcoming and getting feedback from the community on specific areas.

        Or create a “quick news” page which lots of small news, containing tons of information and add a good search, so people can quickly find info about games.

        * RCR has gone gold for EU now, going through cert now, expected release in two weeks
        * News about CS:GO delay coming next week
        * PSN+ for Vita opens up on 21th November
        * Portal 2 DLC on sale right now for PSN+ customers

        and so on.

        Wake up Sony/SCEE, you can do so much better.

    • ok so, maybe, this one time it’s not down to scee, that still leaves the other 99 times out of a hundred where they are to blame.

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