News Snatch: Sony’s Evil Teddy, Rocketbirds Vita And Xboxification

The PS Vita version of ‘Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken‘ has a release window. Guess when it is, bet you can’t… oh you can. Yes, the game is out in Q1 2013 along with every other game in the entire universe, ever.

The Vita version will feature a number of improvements, brand new chapters and new puzzles. Rocketbirds will run at the Vita’s native resolution and will make full use of the touch pads so if you like stroking the chicken then this is the game for you.


I watched Ted at the weekend, it was quite amusing but stretched the ‘Let’s make the cute bear say/do rude things’ joke out for rather too long. Sony must have seen the film as well as they have patented a bear that will emote by telling you how it is feeling. The creepy bit? The bear will track your eyes.

‘When child 502 is not looking at toy 504, as illustrated in FIG. 5B, toy 504 responds by trying to induce the child to play with the toy, and eventually, after a predetermined period, by shutting down. For example, the toy may emit a verbal message (“Play with me”), or flash some lights, sound a siren, move closer to the child, etc. Thus, the behavior of the toy changes according to the gaze of the child.’

Just imagine your child snuggled up in bed, lights out and then there is a whirring, a ghostly siren begins to wail and from the corner of the room comes a growl, ‘PLAY WITH ME!’.

The chaps at PlayStation Lifestyle also spotted a Sony patent for eye tracking within video games so could Nightmare Ted be a PS4 accessory? I bloody hope not, give me virtual spell books over psychotic eye-tracking teddies any day.

An analyst has suggested that Sony will sell more units if they cut the price of the PS Vita.

Hideo Kojima has told EGMNow that he does not like “being thought of as ‘the Metal Gear guy.’” and that “there’s a lot more I can do.” I suggest making something that is not a Metal Gear game: that may help.

The UK version of Kickstarter has received over £2 million in pledges since it launched back in October. 45,799 backers have successfully funded 30 projects from a total of 407 Kickstarters, that is a success rate of 13.5%. A quick look at the Godus Kickstarter page, probably the highest profile campaign at the moment, reveals that the total has barely moved in the past two days.

And finally… ‘Xboxification‘ is now a word if Forbes are to be believed, why not use it today to impress your work colleagues?



  1. pedobear? o_O

  2. I can’t help but think that with all the games that are being pushed back until 2013, at least one of them has to be hoping the Mayans will be right.

  3. These news made me laugh so hard ahahah, specially that obvious news zone :)

    • It’s funny because it’s obvious to everyone but Sony!

  4. I lost it at the description of the Teddy at night.

    Was unfortunately reading this while sat on ‘the throne,’ so my family may be wondering why there was a sudden burst of hysterical laughter coming from the locked bathroom…

  5. That bear is going to cause the Playstation brand to become known as the Pedostation. :O Plus if SCEE are involved, there will be bears that won’t speak for 7 months and charge £90 for doing so. :p

    I’m guessing Patcher was the analyst and if Sony still can’t see that then they need to hire better people as it’s common sense.

    What the feck is Xboxification?

    If Hideo wants to stop being known as that MGS guy, then he may have to ditch Konami as they won’t let him to put an end to the franchise as it’s one of their biggest IPs. Plus he should try to work on a brand new IP that surpasses MGS as that could cause people to stop referring to him as that MGS guy or that guy who tweets pictures of his meals everyday. ;)

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