Eurocom Closes, Lays Off All Staff

[drop2]After previous heavy lay offs, in which 150 staff lost their jobs, Eurocom, developer of some of the finest James Bond games for the last couple of generations, has closed shop for good, according to reports currently doing the rounds this afternoon.

That means the remaining fifty or so employees were also let go this morning.

Smith Cooper have been appointed administrators, who closed due to a “severe cash flow shortage”, with the official statement citing a “steep decline” in the sale of console and PC games, with fewer publishers commissioning games at the moment.

Eurocom have also suffered due to competition from other countries with lower costs and those with subsidised games tax credits. The statement also says that there were insufficient funds to pay outstanding wages.

Eurocom were developers for 25 years, first making games for the NES. They were initially responsible for arcade to home console ports, with their Game Boy version of Rodland an early highlight. They handled the great N64 version of Duke 3D, probably the best Harry Potter game (way back on the GameCube) and the recent 007 Legends for current generation machines.

We wish all staff affected the best of luck.



  1. Very sorry to hear of job losses, UK a real nightmare place to be in at moment, so far managed to escape job cuts at my place, but 2013 not looking fantastic.

    Bought Golden Eye on PS3, got to very last boss, but game never seemed to reall hit the right note for myself, very crowded genre as is on PS3/360, so maybe that was why?.


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