Community Round-Up: 8/12/12

Hello! TSA’s been a bit quiet this week, as the whole industry seems to be getting reading for the Christmas break. There’s not a lot of news, apart from last night’s VGAs, and only a few reviews, but there’s still enough going on for you in this week’s Community Round-Up!

The Friday Fun Competition is still on-going. Yesterday the missing letters quiz returned, so I hope you did well with them as it’s not long till it’s finished – the final quiz will take place on the 21st, with the winner being announced on Christmas Eve.

Oh, and there’s always that big reader survey which you could fill out for a chance to win a 500GB PS3!

Over in the meets, R1MJAW’s usual DiRT Showdown meet starts at 6pm on Sunday, and Monday night sees Youles hosting a Black Ops 2 Meet at 8pm.

Following close behind, Forrest’s usual meets begin with a Max Payne 3 meet at 9pm on Monday, and then the second DiRT Showdown meet taking place on Tuesday at 8pm.

That’s all there is right now, but keep checking it for the usual meets that pop up during the week. There might be FIFA, Battlefield, and much more, or you could create your own Meet as long as you have more than 250 TSA points.

The first of the Wii U coverage rolls in with a worrying review of Tank! Tank! Tank!, with 3/10 from Peter. It’s not the score that’s worrying though, it’s more that he put up with it for so long!

Somewhat better was New Super Mario Bros. U‘s  7/10 from Dan. He got to say “New” a lot. 

We also have a couple of first impressions from Al, one for GTA Vice City on iOS and another for the Uncharted: Fight For Fortune card battler.

I’m glad to say we’ve got a couple of previews for you this week. First is Teflon’s preview of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, which is sounding like a massive improvement over the first game. We also have Blair’s preview of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, which seems to be very good, both for existing fans and newcomers to the series. Finally, Al went hands on with the THPS HD DLC. That’s one hell of an acronym.

Blair explored the theme of ‘Choices’ on Sunday, whilst Peter admitted he’s never played a God of War game (neither have I for that matter). Peter also looked at where the Hitman Facebook App went wrong, during the few hours it was live, and Aran put all the statistics popping up surrounding THQ’s 40% stock price rise into better context.

Kris sent in some snaps of his new Wii U for the Chronicle this week, and WeView now focuses on MotorStorm RC following the Verdict for PixelJunk Eden

Meanwhile, the much anticipated TSA’s Top 100 of 2013 kicked off with firstly a short intro, followed by games #100-#96 and #95-#91. Finally, in What We Played #82, most of the gang get stuck into their new Wii U games.

Onto the Forums now, let’s see what our Community has been discussing:

I’m off next week as I won’t be in the country, but I’m sure I’ll be leaving you in someone’s capable hands! Bye!

– This post was collated by Gazzagb in between packing shorts, skis, flip flops and chopsticks. Where could he possibly be going?



  1. Skegness?

    • Lol, Knotted handkerchief packed?

  2. I don’t think Gazzagb is packing….. think he was kidnapped =O
    Saw the VGA on twitter and of course TSA – The Last of Us looks stunning also out May even better as that is my birthday =D

  3. Moving next door?

  4. I’ve missed a few of the Friday fun comps so there’s no chance of me winning now :-( The only way of me being at the top of the leaderboard is if you turned it upside down.

  5. Lovely round-up, guys. I needed the catch-up so perfect for me this weekend. :-)

  6. He means Tef guys before you all wet yourself in excitement. ;) Hmm, Gaz decides to leave the country, one day after i caught him stealing my cakes and trying to steal the TSA community staff christmas pudding as well as the beer supply. Something seems a bit dodgy about that. :P Also, i’m back if you’ve not noticed me on the forums or if you’ve not been on TSA for the past week.

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