Community Round-Up: 22/12/12

Well, it looks like you’ve all been given a slight stay of madness for this year. Steven didn’t quite get around to writing his crazy Christmas round-up, but will get the next one in a fortnight to see in the new year.

Who knows the real reason? Perhaps he bought into that whole “End of the World” stuff some local neo-Mayans were selling? Maybe he forgot that he’d planned to wash his hair last night?

Either way, it’s my turn again to do all of this.

As we wind down for the year, we have a lovely piece from Hanny and Bunimomike, celebrating their love of the The Walking Dead game. Just put your name in the hat for a chance to win one of three Steam codes for the full first season, as you let Mike’s lovely tones soothe you softly… gently… away…. to sleee…….

There’s also the final entry of the Friday Fun quiz. Lewis has stolen a whole bunch of letters from another set of game titles, and it’s up to you to track him down and put paid to his dastardly plans to paste them into ransom notes. So, get your answers in and see how you did early next week.

I’m going to put this here, though I realise it’s not really a competition in which you can win stuff, but rather the voting for the community’s Game of the Year poll. Get your opinions registered by the 28th of December, and we’ll see who comes out on top shortly after.

EDIT: I managed to gloss over this, by virtue of it being pinned to the top of the forums, and me being stupid, but we have some community forum awards in progress too. Pick your community member to fit the various awards, ranging from best moderator and most missed to the delightfully titled golden knob award… Not sure when it ends, but if you have opinions, share away.

Kind of quiet on the meets front, as people will no doubt be forced to spend time with their families for a few days! We merely have the regular DiRT Showdown meet tomorrow at 6PM and, looking ahead to the last weekend of the year, another 50% race in F1 2012 at 4PM on Sunday 30th of December.

If you fancy either of those, stick your name down. Otherwise, if you have more than 250 TSA points, you can always create your own meets and gather a group of like minds together.

We’re a bit thin on the ground in some ways, here, so I’ll start off by mopping up the reviews and previews. Dan had a tootle around with Fuel Overdose, but sadly came away from his test drive with a far less than impressive view of the title. Luckily, he’d already played Big Sky Infinity before hand, which he enjoyed a heck of a lot more, despite a few issues. Something I also found when I gave my First Impressions of LittleBigPlanet 2’s Cross-Controller DLC pack, a little bundle of fun tucked in behind a horrible unclear installation process.

But this week has mainly been about an end of year bonanza of lists and nostalgia. We have a Review of the Year, which has blazed its way up to May so far, the continuing Top 100 of 2013, which is on the cusp of breaking into the top ten, and the first few categories from TSA’s Game of the Year awards, Soundtrack and Mobile.

We also have a bunch of the weekly content sticking it out too, with Bunimomike’s cellar the envy of all those who read last week’s Chronicle. WeView wrapped up on Asura’s Wrath, before handing over to the already mentioned Community Game of the Year vote… It’s like a huge WeView feature, if you think about it…

Last week’s thoughts which occured on Sunday concerned the combination of innovation and power, whilst we round off with the regular What We Played and TSA Podcast.

And finally, we pop into the forums briefly to check up on things:

So, with that, we’re done! I leave you with one last thought: Who would win in a fight between Steven and Santa?

And, if you’ve read this far but don’t read tomorrow’s Chronicle, then have a happy Christmas… If you’re planning on reading the Chronicle though, then you should ignore that bit.



  1. Now that the world hasn’t ended I better get some practise in for the F1 meet.

    • Haha, good call.
      The claptrap mongers fail again. If they’d have actually bothered to research and study with the modern descendants of the ancient Mayan people, it would have immediately come to light that the end of the Mayan calendar cycle was exactly that!! before the new one starts, as has been shown several times on news items in the past!

      • Exactly, nowhere in the Mayan texts did it say the world would end.

  2. i think it was Mitch Ben that said it best.
    or at least sung it.
    “if the mayans could predict the future, we’d still have mayans.”

    oh and i hate those quizzes, nothing against the quizzes themselves, Lewis does a good job with them, it’s just i bloody suck at them.

    i could at least get a few of the picture ones.

    i suck at missing letter quizzes, i suck at anagrams, i even suck at figuring out acronyms.
    the acronym thing isn’t usually a problem, unless i’m playing an mmo.

    and of course now Lewis will no doubt start working on some acronym based quizzes.

  3. What about the TSA Awards Tef? D:

    • I was thinking that too. Surely we have some TSA members who’ll vote for someone else as the Knob of the Year award. :-p

      • Oh yeah… I didn’t see it because it was pinned to the top of the forum, rather than down in the general mish-mash.

      • Everyone, vote for Mike as Knob of the year! :P Man, i wish we could use emoticons on the front page. I may end up being kidnapped by him for this joke. :O

      • He has a nice cellar though, I hear

  4. Actually, it’s because i got wasted and turned up at the office very drunk. Thus Teflon telling me to go away untill i became sober. Or was it because MJB kidnapped me again? In fact, i can’t remeber, it was MJB wasn’t it? *curls up into a ball*.

    I’m thinking of closing the awards on New Year’s eve and declaring the winner the following day. Am surprised that the community have allowed me to organise it as Dexter used to do it before he decide he was too good for us and Brokehat mountain has been either too busy or wanted to let someone else take on the awards duties. :)

    Now for the crazy parts. *throws Toeshoes at you* :P

    I would win because Santa is fat and i’m skinny. Plus, i may or may not have a working “death star” as well as being trained in all forms of melee combat. Also, why won’t Adam allow me to have my vengance on MJB for what he did to me? He drugged me and d-did things that are not safe for work. Then he forced me to play DA2 at the threat of having my balls torn off and salt poured into the wound. T-T. *goes to the TSA beer closet and stays there for the next few weeks in an attempt to murder the memory with beer*.

    Also, Merry Christmas folks. :) Now if you excuse me, i’m off to watch Merlin at 8 and then play Hitman whilst picturing Tef, Adam and Origami as the targets. :P Okay, who just stole my trousers? As that is impressives considering that i was standing up and wearing them. Oh and i suppose i should mention that Gazzagb got high and was found making love to Tef’s toeshoes, whilst he was still wearing them. :O

    • yes i kidnapped u but nobody will know since i kidnapped u at ur home! and nobody will believe u if u say that i kidnapped u! :P
      and luckily i am soo rich so i have payed for adams silence! =D

      • He just confessed it Adam and Tef so please allow me to have my vengance? What do you mean that i should take a time out? HE DID THINGS TO ME! *quits and blows up TSA towers via a self destruct button*

      • yes take a time out Steven… u want me to drive u home?

    • If you ever gets your hands on a sniper please let me know so I can prepare

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