Community Round-Up: 12/01/13

Oh dear. Gazza’s been preoccupied this week, so it’s time for that long overdue Christmas Spectacular from Steven.

Seeing as Gaz is being a Student at the moment, he got hammered and is currently recovering from his hangover, so I’ve been drafted in to do this week’s round up. Without any further delay let’s start the round up and chew gum!

I don’t have gum so can we just chew French mustard and southern fried chicken sandwiches instead?

There’s a few meets planned for next week. Teflon has finally decided that playing with you horrible lot is worth doing and wants to play F1 with you on Sunday at 4pm. He may try to give your car a MOT. [Actually, I unfortunately can’t make it, but Freeze is going to host as usual. Good luck! – Tef]

There’s Dirt Showdown with R1MJAW on Sunday at 6, and later Kitch wants you to join him in Borderlands 2 to kick some arse and chew gum, wait… wrong franchise. To infinity and beyond! Wait, that’s not the right franchise, either. Oh, forget the catchphrase, he still wants you to join him on Sunday at 9. It is only a 4 player affair as it can’t handle more than 4 TSAers at a time.

Manorhouse wants you to meet up and discuss cars in GT5 on Monday at 7. I suspect it will be like Top Gear only with less arguing and no Stig. Motalla wants you to join in and stare at the fighters in DOA5 on Thursday at 8pm and also bring back the KZ3 boot on Friday at 8! Oh, and there is a Dirt Showdown meet at 7 from Youles.

Time to see what the staff has done this week. Tef played some of Anarchy Reigns online, for the only preview this week, and someone interviewed the crazy looking people at Futurlab so they could talk about Velocity Ultra, that thing we all asked for.

I’m told Peter wanted to do a weekly feature called “Beers of gaming” but was turned down as Kris couldn’t understand what the article was saying. So instead he made a list of what games taught him in 2012, and what Nvidia’s ugly Shield might mean for the future. Al tells us that the PlayStation 4 won’t be announced next month, and looks behind the walls and in the shadows of The Unfinished Swan, which is this week’s WeView too.

Greg brought us the usual edition of What We Played. I played Demon Souls and proceeded to tear my entire spine out of my back in frustration. I got better the day afterwards only for Tuffcub to show us all a Sonic short film! Oh, and a big new Trailer Park, too.

As usual, the lazy hippy who has taken to referring to himself as Lord Toeshoe of the bearded people did the weekly Chronicle with Roy’s gaming windowsill on show. AG Brokehat Mountain asked what we wanted to see from the community team in 2013. The lazy CENSORED, don’t you dare censor me you CENSOR CENSORED REDACTED! Oh, and he also CENSORED… Oh, come on! He also spoke about what happened to the community.

Time to see what has happened in the forums this week.

That is all from me this week and before we fade to black in mid sentence, Gaz will be back next wee……

– Uh, thanks to Steven for filling in for Gazza this week… I think…



  1. If you replaced the water in a fish tank with liquid LSD, then asked the fish to drink his way out and, finally, write something for TSA… This is what I’d expect.

    • Jim’ll fix it?

      • Nah, a dodgy looking bloke down at your local pub will fix it. It seems 100% legal. And very trustworthy. Just call him fluffy and he will fix it. ;)

  2. I should warn that Far Cry 3 thread contains spoilers, in case the pop up doesn’t work for you guys :)
    I would join F1 on sunday but I’ll be too busy getting smashed watching the football.

  3. Yay TGMEM rises from it’s deep slumber. Nicely implemented Manor ;)

  4. “Oh dear. Gazza’s been preoccupied this week, so it’s time for that long overdue Christmas Spectacular from Steven.”

    So, another week of incoherent babble then? :/ Feel better, Gaz.

    • I thought it was a bit milder than Steven’s usual Radio 1 DJ spiel. The maturity is starting to shine through (read: dosage’s been lowered) :P

      • I will confess that the detail to babble ratio is more balanced this week!

      • That’s because Gazzagb told me at the last bloody minute that he cba to do it this week! I may be lying.

  5. If you want to see the naked uncensored, uncut, unviewable, unable to comply with TSA’s rules version, just say so and if enough people want to see it, i shall comply. Gazzagb decided that he would rather get hammered then spend an hour doing the round up. The barsteward! Pfft, doesn’t he know that he has to put TSA first instead of his social life? Also, his soul is crap, it is always asleep and smells of beer. And the fecker won’t give me a refund for it. :op

    • Regardless of what Steven says I hope you had a good night gazza! Guessing the exams and shiz is over for you?

      • Nope, just needed to get on with some work I’ve got pilling up and due in soon, so wanted to spend the whole day doing it before I went out.

      • well here Ive made the mistake of going out during exams. This text has taken me an age to compile, the page is whirling around and the text is dizzy. Spelling and grammar is so hard! Mufasa

  6. Good job Steven, very entertaining

  7. so no digital boobies then?

  8. Cheers Steven, you mental idiot! ;)

  9. Welsh people are Welsh and should stay Welsh you f**kin’ Welshies!

    • Wales. Pays de Galles. Wales. Cymru. Wales

      • Did I ever tell you how much I love Wales?

      • No but did i ever tell you that getting smashed and posting on TSA is never a good mix? ;)

      • Almost forgot about these posts I did

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