The TSA Community In 2012

At TSA we’ve always been proud of our community from their mature and thoughtful comments to their enthusiasm for getting together in community events. In the past we’ve had plenty of competitions and tournaments, numerous features and special events making the TSA community one of the best around. 

[drop2]2012 was no different. Competitions were everywhere. New community features were introduced and some older ones were retired. Tournaments were run with more coverage given than ever before. These didn’t just come from the dedicated community team either, TSA contributors ran competitions and community members got involved with sending in community content or running and covering tournaments. A quick search shows that we had 30+ competitions on the website:

And a few big tournaments thanks to very dedicated community members and contributors:

And numerous community features:

After a mostly quiet 2012 our forum has also seen a rise in activity in the latter half of the year with popular discussions such as the Screenshots thread and What Games You playing Right Now? thread.

While 2012 was a brilliant year for TSA community wise we’d like your help to make 2013 even better. Tell us in the comments what your favourite competition, tournament or feature was so that we can come up with even more this year. Tell us what your favourite prize was, or your favourite community submitted content on TSA in the past year (or years before) and hopefully we can make 2013 the best year yet!



  1. A real-life TSA Meet. Let’s have one of those.

    • Ew.

      • Well obviously I won’t actually attend.

    • Lol where would it be located?

      • Well, obviously Alex C will use demographic data to compute the optimum location. Probably somewhere just east of NYC, perhaps in the sea.

    • We kind of did that at EGX, but you weren’t there… :(

      • Yes, yes, but you know what I mean. A proper TSA Meet event. With an entrance fee and dancing men. Or girls. Or BOTH! And cake. But minus that EGX nonsense.

        I’ll be in charge of invites.

  2. Question did you lot ever announce who won the 500gb slim ps3, was it me? Lol

    • As far as I know it may still be up for grabs. I’ll make a note to check with Peter (unless he sees this first).

    • I won it but due to a series of events that may or may not be related to time travel, inventing the muffin, the cake and the beard as well as corrupting the future, i changed that fact and who won it is a mystery. :p

  3. Luckily won a competition this year, Sniper Elite V2 was the prize so thanks for that TSA. Also thanks for posting a handful of my Guest Writer/Articles :)

    Could we have a return of TSA points having a larger role or feeling more valuable?

  4. Oh gee I don’t know. The competition from last year along with Tournaments and Community was fantastic. Although I have a funny feeling this year will never top 2012. I think it was a fantastic year for me anyway. I’d say continue as you guys were, and I hopefully I win more competitions this year xD
    Keep it up lads ;)
    Oh the screenshots are grabbing my attention could do a comp on the best stylish game photo capture ^^

  5. love the competitions here at tsa
    won myself the xperia play and press passes to the egx
    fingers crossed for 2013
    sadly its very difficult for me to get into a meet because of my shiftwork…never around at the right times.

  6. A few suggestions for the good competitions next year would be (more of) ones that rely on creating something rather than ‘answer a question’ or ‘post below’, all of which rely on simple luck which isn’t very attractive. At least with creations they are nice to experience. I.e. best LBP level, Best Arma 2/3 level, best artwork, best screenshots etc.

    In fact I was thinking of an Arma 2 contest myself, might be some interesting creations put forward as I did a lot of coding earlier in the year and I’d be interested to see people’s ideas. I don’t think I have the resources for a contest though.

    Aside from the competitions I don’t think there is much else. All seems fantastic TSA :)

    • The problem is that not many people enter if they have to create something. We get about an 80% drop in entries when we ask people for a picture, so if we ask for more than that I worry that we wont get anything. That’s not always the end of the world, but if we get a Vita from somewhere and come back with 3 entries then it’s not great.

      If the prize isn’t an issue though then we could make some for fun. I know TSA did a LBP Create competition wayyy back that was popular.

      • yeah fair enough on the creation side of things.

        Crazy_del’s idea for a screenshots contest isn’t too bad though; the only trouble is how TSA would decide which was a winner. I’m sure Crysis 3 has its own beauty as much as Journey or Valkyria Chronicles or any other game.

        Its just the competitions are as all competitions generally are a hit and miss which is why I find it difficult to give a nary for them sometimes. But meh: I still think TSA are a legendary community.

      • Also the competitions are a small part of the community, there is so much more to TSA than the comps’ I just can’t think of anything that needs more/improving.

      • With screenshots it’s difficult to do unless you’re either on a PC or you happen to have a console capture device. Hopefully next gen consoles will have a native way of taking screenshots in-game, but i expect it’s not one of their priorities!

        We can definitely aim to have more variation this year with creation comps and more team based tournaments though to liven things up a bit :).

  7. I won in the only competition I think has ever mattered to me…..Diablo III beta key giveaway. It’s just a shame the full game was such a short lived experience and a massive let down.

    I think a broader range of team based competitions would be a massive step up for 2013, team FPS leagues/tournaments, 1 vs 1 tourneys on FarCry 3/Borderlands 2 etc.
    Make it happen!

    Cheers for giving so much last year as well : )

    • A little birdie tells me your wishes may come true. Keep an eye on the Forums and more specifically, The Captain. ;)

    • like i mentioned before very difficult for me to get into a meet let alone a tourney..
      i certainly like the idea though, 1v1 is a true test of skills..
      another problem for me is that i am split between consoles
      say 70 % xbox 30 % ps3,that said it may shift my gaming platform more towards the ps3 if i can get a bit more involved with the meets or tourneys..
      btw how is my mum?

  8. 2012 was the year that saw the luck of the welsh die. Thank god. For those who don’t know what it was, the damn welsh kept stealing all of the prizes by winning the comps. *insert south Park’s they tuuk our jurbs joke here* :p

    I would like to see more community features and a rise in activity in the forums as i’m starting to get bored with tormenting the current bunch of people in order to harvest their souls. Oh and a lot of comps. Or at least comps that are just for bragging rights untill we get fed up of the winner bragging and brutally murder them. ^-^

    I managed to win the THPS HD comp via the SCEE trick. Haven’t used the code and have been meaning to get rid of it. Oh and you should see a lot more articles from me. As i plan to do a few guest articles every few weeks. Depending if i have writer’s block or not. Oh and i may review the odd game in the forums again.

    • He’s right. 30+ competitions and I won sweet FA. Hopefully this will change this year!

  9. think we should be able to add our own news or articles…
    countless times i’ve stumbled across some snippets of info you guys have missed and thought hey that would make a good post on the tsa

    • You can send in tips via the tips account. I think it is [email protected] but i’m unsure how often that gets checked. Or post it in the gaming news forum.

  10. I remember the Home meet. I organised the fecker.
    The TSA clan needs a reboot. We should be out in force. Red Dead, GTA4, BF3, COD anywhere we can be out in numbers.
    Oh and more meets.

    • Hear hear.

    • I agree with this. Tsa clan should be a big priority across a large number of games. We already kinda do it anyway it just needs formalising.

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