Community Round-Up: 02/02/13

The PS4 hype-train certainly seems to have stepped up a gear this week, causing a fair amount of discussion on TSA. [Do trains have gears? – Tef]

Stepping aside from the news and rumours, let’s see what’s been going on community wise in this week’s round-up!

Starting off with the Meets, tomorrow sees R1MJAW hosting the usual DiRT Showdown meet at 6pm, while Monday night sees the returned GT5 meet hosted by Manorhowze at 7pm.

Forrest’s DiRT Showdown meet makes an appearance as usual at 8pm on Tuesday, while Teflon has set up a street-circuit F1 meet well in advance to take place on Sunday 17th at 4pm. Check the forum thread for further details.

I’m sure a few more meets will sprout up over the coming week, so keep checking back, or you can create your own Meet provided you have 250 TSA points.


Once again there’s only a couple of reviews and previews, and both this week are for Vita. First up is Dan’s 7/10 review of Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable, while guest writer Manuel takes a trip to Amsterdam to go hands on with Killzone Mercenary.

From the Community Articles, McProley shows off his impressive gaming rig in last week’s Chronicle, while the WeView Verdict is out for Assassins Creed 3, as Dishonored becomes the next game for you to share your thoughts on.

Kris shared his thoughts on whether there were better options than regenerating health, while Aran took a look at the so-called ‘hype train’. Alex has been fairly busy as usual, looking at the bane of all hype train schedules, delays, bringing us Part 1 of ‘How Games Have Changed’, and giving his thoughts on how Sony have nailed PS+. He also chatted with the newly formed Sawfly Studios, emerging from the ashes of Liverpool Studio.

Tuffcub, entirely unsurprisingly, comes to the defence of gimps and dildos alongside his Trailer Park, whilst we finish up with Episode 89 of the Podcast and What We Played #90 from Greg.

Time to grab your hard hats and bulletproof vests and head on into the Forums:

That’s it for yet another week. I’ll see you next time, bye!

-Thanks to Gazza for compiling this weekly round-up of TSA’s best.



  1. Community tomfoolery is going well here. Played Left 4 Dead 2 with seven TSAcolytes as well as hammering Saints Row the Third with Teflon over the past week. Then maybe onto more co-op goodness with some frugal purchases from the Square-Enix store online.

    • Did you pickup Hitman? The hitman challenges are great fun to try to beat mates’s scores.

      • Not worried about the challenges but Hanny bought me the game for Christmas and am looking forward to it. Need to stop playing co-op games with Teflon but that’s more fun. :-P

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