Community Round-Up: 09/02/13

It’s been another busy week here, and today also marks my 4th anniversary of being a member here at TSA! I’m patiently waiting for someone to deliver my cake, so while I wait, here’s this weeks Community Round-Up.

It’s been a while, but we do have a competition for you this week! TSA Member Death_in_Flamez has come up with the Black Ops II TSA League. The competition will span four weeks and see twenty competitors in five teams battling it out. Interested? You need to hurry up and get your entries in as the sign-up period closes tomorrow.

The Meets are looking very quiet this week, in fact, there’s only 2 set up right now. The first is Monday’s usual GT5 Meet at 7pm, hosted by Manorhowze. The second is Teflon’s F1 meet that I mentioned last week. It’s a street circuit competition taking place next Sunday (the 17th). Again, there’s a forum thread with full details.

And that’s it so far. I’m sure the usual DiRT Showdown Meets will pop up, and maybe a few others during the week. If you feel like bolstering the number of meets you can add your own, as long as you have 250 TSA points.

No new reviews or previews this week, but Alex has shared his thoughts on the early sections of Dead Space 3. That’s pretty much it though.

Now onto the Community articles. Racing legend Freezebug showed off his gaming rig in the Chronicle, which also featured a good number of accomplishments from the community, so well done to all. Dishonored was mostly well received in the WeView Verdict, and the next game for you to share your thoughts for is Borderlands 2.

As usual, the TSA staff have been busy sharing their thoughts and opinions for us all to discuss. Kris kicked things off on Sunday by ‘Thinking Small’, before explaining why he isn’t excited by the PlayStation Meeting. Lastly, he asked if every game needs to be made into a film, following the news JJ Abrams and Valve could be planning a movie together.

Meanwhile, Alex continued his ‘How Games Have Changed’ series with Part 2, exploring cheat codes and micro transactions, and also discussed why Microsoft is giving Sony the upper hand with their no-second hand games feature. Finally, Peter talked about the evolution of the gaming media.

As ever, you can grab episode 90 of the Podcast, and Greg has a shorter than usual What We Played #91 for you to take a gander at.

Now it’s time to take our weekly peek into the world of the forums.

And there we have it. I’m still waiting for my cake, perhaps Steven has intercepted the UPS delivery guy… who knows. Anyway, I’ll see you next week. Bye!

This round-up was lovingly curated for you all by Gazzagb.



  1. Completely missed the Black Ops 2 tournament, hope I wasn’t to late with my entry been playing a lot of it lately and I’ve been doing pretty decently.

  2. Three codes for Surge:


    • Used the last code, cheers :)

  3. May i ask what is surge?

  4. Forget get that bud,thought i’d just type in the first code randomly in my vita on the ps sn store,turns out it’s a futurlab game,sweet,thanks.
    First code used.8)

  5. It’s a brilliant game,my bloody fingers were everywhere and keeping the vents open didn’t help much 8).Once again thanks for the code give away Alex.

  6. I would never nick your cake Gaz as it’s all about Doritos and Mountain Dew nowadays. They are worth for some reason, millions on the black market. I’ve said too much.

    • I’m not falling for that, I know you have it!

      • I do not as cakes are worthless. Although, i did see Adam eating some cake with Teflon the other day. Now, if you excuse me, i’m off to steal a lot of Mountain Dew and Doritos. I mean, i’m off to beat up Origami Killer and we are not commiting the largest food and drink theft in all of recorded history. :p

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