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Community Round-Up: 09/03/13

I’m currently battling away with man-flu, so there’s a high chance I could drop dead or overdose on Lemsip before I finish, but I’ll persevere with trying to bring you this week’s Community Round-Up!

There’s not a lot of competitions going on right now, but TSA’s Black Ops 2 league is well underway, with week 3’s fixtures being posted earlier this week. You’ll also find the early results and some video of what went on included.

Looks like the A Team are doing quite well!

It’s great to see the Meets section is alive and kicking again, so let’s start with Motella’s Burnout Paradise Meet at 7pm tonight. Tomorrow, also at 7pm, Motella returns with a BF3 Meet featuring the End-Game DLC.

Monday night sees the usual GT5 Meet at 7pm, hosted by Manorhowze, while at 8pm Youles hosts a Tomb Raider Meet.

The DiRT Showdown Meet returns on Tuesday night, hosted by Forrest at 8pm. On Wednesday, Youles reappears with yet another Tomb Raider Meet at 8pm, and lastly, Motella wraps things up with a Dead or Alive 5 Meet on Friday at 7pm.

If there’s nothing there that takes your fancy, you can create your own Meet provided you’ve got 250 TSA Points.

Now it’s time to take our regular look at the week’s reviews, and Alex headlines with the highly anticipated God of War: Ascension, giving it an 8/10. Aran gave a solid 8/10 to the Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars DLC, while Alex also looked at Life of Pixel, a Playstation Mobile game, and gave it 7/10. Lastly, Peter had a quick peak at Tomb Raider with TSAtv, and from what I’ve heard everyone else say about it, it really is a great game, something that Alex backed up when he took a look at the game.

On the previews side of things, Tuffcub was lucky enough to be invited to Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’s announcement event, which sounds brilliant to me, even though details are sparse. Tef followed on from Al’s review of Ascension with an interview with two of the lead developers on the title and Al himself wondered why Ascension’s review scores are lower than some previous entries.

Continuing with the blogs, Origami Killer (who as you can probably guess was a big fan of Heavy Rain), wrote about his excitement for Quantic Dream’s Beyond. Dom El also chipped in asking the question: Will Gamers Ever Be Satisfied? Finally Blair looked at if the best games make the most money.

Fillip2k unleashed his gaming rig in the Chronicle, while Need For Speed: Most Wanted got a slightly mixed verdict, although it still got a favourable ‘Buy It’ recommendation. Diablo 3, the once-PC exclusive that is now headed to PS3 and PS4 later this year becomes the next game in this week’s WeView.

Finishing up, the Podcast returned with Episode 92 featuring added Tuffcub, while Greg has What We Played #95 as usual.

Let’s take a look at the TSA Forums now, although they’ve been a bit quiet over the past week:

That’s it once again, I’m off on for a week long field trip so I’ll miss next week. However I’ll see you soon, bye!

– This round-up was pieced together through the haze of a cocktail of flu fighting drugs by Gazzagb.


  1. Signed up for the Burnout meet, just leave the lobby at open access until all people are in. I don’t have space to add anyone at the moment so it’s just an easy work around and it’ll work for anyone else in the same situation ;)

    • That should be 4 of us at least as Forrest says he will be joining us..i better try and get at least another car before the meet as ive started from scratch. ;)

      • Get yourself a tidy stunt car mate, best all rounders for challenges etc. I use the upgraded black Island Buggy for almost everything :P

      • Cant see me having anything amazing by meet time only got 4 cars at the moment not expecting to win any races anyway but ill turn up for the run around ;)

      • See, that Morris Minor of your’s was fine! :P

      • Oh it aint no morris minor ;D

      • Touche’ lol

  2. Who’s this Motella guy is he Motalla’s evil twin brother ;D

    • Motalla covered in Nutella obviously! ;)

  3. will we see any commentary to the BLOPS league? would love that! =D

    • Don’t know, could ask someone. If anyone wants to that’s fine! No video this week for our match, team E forgot to turn recording on so I don’t have anything to work with, I forgot to ask about it too. Team B v Team D is Monday night so doubt there will be a video for that in time for the article either! Definitely have something for next week though.

  4. A Team ftw!

  5. If there’s anyone at all interested, do get in touch to share your gaming set up and collection for tomorrow’s chronicle. I’ve got nothing in the pipe, right now!
    So, catch me @teflon on twitter, Teflon [at], or use the submission form on a previous entry.

    • You made me spend an entire week listening to someone about sexual harrassment when i last got in touch with someone! How come you can ask people to get in touch and get away with it? When ever i do it, i either get punched, slapped or sent to the corner or even worse, the naughty step! :P

  6. I would be cruel to Gazzagb but i know how bad Manflu can be. I hope he will recover soon then i can be cruel to him. :P This also means that i’m forced to put up with Benedict bigheaded toeshoe as he refuses to allow Gaz into the communtiy office. The fecking barsteward still won’t shut up about Sky News. And he threatens to ban me if i don’t listen to him. >:(

    I’m surprised Dom El has still managed to avoid Tuffcub’s induction. You really don’t want to know what it is. I’ve had the misfortune of stumbling accross him whilst he is doing his induction. Let’s just say that i kinda caused the TSA booze shortage a while back.

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