More InFamous: Second Son Screens

Sony has released more screenshots for InFamous: Second Son. Currently in development by Sucker Punch, Second Son is expected to be a PlayStation 4 launch title.

I’m sure we have seen a few of these before, nevertheless they’re certainly worth looking at again, if so.

The main protagonist in Second Son, Deslin Rowe, will be able to control powers very different to those of Cole McGrath.

Instead of electricity based powers, what we’ve seen of Deslin’s power revolves around fire and smoke. The screens show you’ll be able to use a fire whip and fiery projectiles as weapons.


  1. Just been watching Battlestar Galactica again and that guy looks very much like Samuel Anders :)

    Oh and the pics look lovely.

  2. In the voice of Boris Johnson “Very niiice” ;D

  3. Picture number 4, Sly Cooper easter egg!!! (Pin on jacket)

    • good spot :) screens look real nice as well.

  4. Cool!

  5. This game looks like they have just been watching the anime “K”

    • They appeared yesterday on NeoGaf as new screens so I naturally assumed they were, thought they looked familiar.

  6. looking nice

  7. I can’t believe how excited I am for this and praying it’s a launch day title. Absolutely loved the first two, despite how repetitive they were.

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