Community Round-Up: 13/07/13

I’m back from my travels, and now a slightly (but only slightly) darker colour than ‘pastey-white’. Anyway, seeing as I’ve missed most of this week, I’ll be making sure I get everything covered in this week’s Community Round Up!

If you fancy winning yourself a PS Vita and 12 months worth of PS+, our comp with the guys at is ongoing. It’s really easy to enter and is well worth it (I’ve just done so myself!).

Last week, while Tef was covering me with round up duties, he ran a little giveaway for a The Bureau: XCOM Declassified jumper and t-shirt. Everyone who entered got the right answer, and of those, TSBonyman was picked as the winner, so congratulations to him!

Checking out the Meets, and all we’ve got so far is Vandix’s Killzone 2 Bootcamp on Tuesday at 7pm.

Hopefully we’ll see tomorrow’s Grid 2 meet appear, along with the usual GT5 on Monday and the regular DiRT meets during the week, followed by the customary Battlefield meet on Friday. Hopefully.

So keep checking back to see if anything else gets set up, or create your own meet provided you’ve got 250 TSA points.

We didn’t have any big games to review this week, but Peter had a look at the OUYA, the kickstarter launched Android console, while Blair wrote about The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

Thankfully there’s a few more previews, so let’s kick off with Jim getting his hands on Beyond: Two Souls. Jim also took to the wheel in DriveClub, as well as having a look at the future of Invizimals.

From Teflon, we’ve got a look at Splinter Cell: Blacklist, as well as talking to Gavin Moore about Puppeteer. Finally, Kris took a look at Sonic Lost World, one of Sega’s upcoming Nintendo exclusives.

The regular Indie Focus turned its attention to Rogue Legacy, while Aran’s Matter of Perspective series travelled to the world of Gravity Rush this week.

Looking at the Community articles, ron_mcphatty showed off his gaming abode in the Chronicle, while Tomb Raider received a huge 18 Buy It votes in the WeView Verdict. Crysis 3 is now available for you to comment on in this week’s WeView too.

Guest writer Charlie talked about hype marketing, while another Guest writer, Adam, broke out the excel spreadsheets and calculated PS+ has saved users a staggering £1,347.29!

The podcast this week was down on a couple of members this week (there were only two of them recording!) but Episode 104 is here for you anyway, and Greg rounds things off with What We Played #113.

Time to head on into the Forums now and see what’s been going on, they look a tad quieter, perhaps you’ve all been out enjoying the sun:

And that’s it for another week. I suppose I should enjoy the sun while it’s here, which will at least keep me away from Steam – I’ll see you next week unless I succumb to the tempting deals and end up having to sell a kidney!

-As Gazzagb has returned from his transatlantic jaunt, this post was back in his hands.



  1. Oh wow – I can’t believe i was lucky enough to win the Xcom Tshirt/Jumper! Awesome, thanks to teflon and TSA for running the comp and giving us mere mortals the chance to grab some gaming blag! :)
    Commisserations to everyone else who entered.

    • Someone remind me to give some more swag away, at the start of August. M’kay? =)

      • No problem..
        Hey tef – don’t forget to give some swag away at the start of August … ;P

      • Thanks. I nearly forgot. >.<

    • Congratulations, fella! Wear it with pride… or at least give it a wash after you’ve used it to mop up bled radiator water. ;-)

  2. Congratulations on the win TSB :)

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