Behind The Scenes Of inFamous Second Son
Sucker Punch have released a new video titled “Smoke and Mirrors”, which offers a behind the scenes look at inFamous Second Son.

The team explain that to use the smoke powers Delsin must recharge them from chimneys and burning wreckage in much the same way Cole had to top up his electricity levels from lamp posts and TV sets.

What does not need explaining is just how good inFamous Second Son looks, even more impressive when you consider that this is an open world game.

No release date has been given for the game although Gamestop have posted what appears to be a placeholder release date of April 1st 2014.

You can read Jim’s preview of inFamous Second Son here.

Source: YouTube



  1. Really looking forward to this,really enjoyed the second infamous and this just looks fantastic.

  2. I fell in love with that Comet Drop move the first time I laid eyes on it. Damn, this game is looking good.

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