Community Round-Up: 03/08/13

I think we can all agree that Alex did a fantastic job with TSA’s redesign, but that wasn’t the only thing that changed with the relaunch.

There was also a slight reshuffle of the staff, with Blair moving up to the role of Editor, deputising Tef to become the Reviews Editor alongside Jim as our new Features Editor.

Alex has departed to join the guys at Just Add Water, Peter’s taking some deserved time away from the site to play with his new puppy, and Kris is off for a nap. Through all of this I’ve been promoted to being able to submit articles in my own name, after having poor Tef spell check and post my articles for almost 2 years!

[Hey, I’m still doing that! No fair! – Tef]

Anyway, one thing that didn’t change was TSA’s Community content, so let’s cover that now in this week’s Community Round-Up!

Earlier this week, we announced the winner of a PS Vita and a years subscription of PS+, after we teamed up with PriceSpyUK. Mitchjay1991 was the very lucky winner and should be receiving his PS Vita soon!

We’re also currently giving you the chance to win one of five codes for PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD for Vita. To enter, you just need to spot Tikiman in the screenshot, but you’d better be quick as entries close at 6pm tomorrow.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for another competition that should be launching this weekend, brought to us by a new member of the Community Team!

With that excitement out the way, let’s take a look at what Meets are scheduled this week. Once again, just Manorhowze’s GT5 Meet on Monday at 7pm is there right now, but I’m positive we’ll see some action from DiRT, Battlefield and maybe a little Grid 2 later on this week.

If none of those games take your fancy, feel free to create your own TSA Meet, provided you’ve got 250 TSA points.

CRU2 TWRome2

Let’s turn our attention to the Reviews and Previews. Firstly, Aran gave Quell Memento, the Vita puzzle game, an impressive 9/10, while Tuffcub reviewed the Amiga classic Superfrog HD, which has made the jump to PS3 and Vita.

From the Previews, Peter looked at the upcoming Splinter Cell: Blacklist from Ubisoft, while Tef actually visited Rome to get his hands on Total War: Rome II. He also discussed the campaign with Al Bickham, and talked battle tactics with Jamie Ferguson. Jim also looked at Tiny Thief for iOS, which is a game from the creators of Angry Birds.

Moakesice showed off his gaming rig in the Chronicle, while Aliens: Colonial Marines received 3 ‘Avoid It’ and 4 ‘Rent It’ votes in its WeView Verdict. God of War: Ascension is the new for this week’s WeView, so get your votes in for that too. The countdown of TSA’s Top 100 of 2013 Recap has continued, and this week saw numbers 75 to 50 being revisited.

Aran returned with A Matter of Perspective that looked at Niko Bellic, the star of GTA IV, while Proteus was in the spotlight for Gamoc’s Indie Focus. Meanwhile, Jim looked back at PayDay: The Heist in PlayBack.

Rounding things off, Greg has What We Played #116 and Episode 106 of the Podcast was released at the start of the week.

The Forums are once more quite busy, with many existing threads seeing a lot of discussion within them:

That’s it for another week. Hopefully I’ve written this without causing too much WordPress-related chaos, and I’ll see you all again next week.




  1. Another friendly reminder for people to sign up to both of the TSA Fantasy Leagues:

    They’re free to enter, and a bit of fun. You don’t really need much football knowledge to do well in it either (but it helps).

    And remember, sign up to BOTH leagues. The Classic league currently has 18 members, but the Head to Head league just 7. So even if you already signed up, double check you’re in both of them please.

    Codes are 69205-20698 for the Classic, and 69205-63071 for the Head to head. More info on how to sign up at the forum link above if you’re still not sure.

    • Send me a reminder next Friday (twitter or PM) and I’ll include it in next week’s Roundup. I saw your comment last week and was meant to put it in this weeks, but forgot sorry!

      • It’s ok, they should be able this down here anyways. :P

        I’ll send one if I remember anyway.

      • *able to see.

        I hate commenting on iPad, I really do. This never happens on my laptop. :(

  2. Because you have bribed your way into the position/been promoted/Tef got fed up of doing your dirty work/other, does this mean I would have to send round ups to you. If I were to do them ever again. I will not confirm nor deny if I will be doing them again. Also, Blair kinda hates me for getting him banned from drinking Irn Bru thus he would refuse to publish it. :P

    • I think Tef is still the only person on TSA to be able to go through your un-edited articles!
      Good to see you back, where have you been? People were getting worried! ;)

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