inFamous Second Son Dev Diary Focuses On The DualShock 4’s Merits

The game releases next February.

inFamous Second Son is shaping up to be a must-have PS4 game; it looks absolutely incredible, and this dev diary highlights how they’re using the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller for new control options, such as using the touch pad for certain powers.

It has certainly sold me on the controller as well as the game. I can’t wait to have both in my hands, especially after seeing how well they work together in this video.

I don’t know how this one slipped us by, but it appears the game is releasing in February, which was confirmed as far back as E3. We were under the impression it would be April.

Source: YouTube


  1. I was also under the impression it was April sometime so this has come as a welcomed surprise. A February release ties in well with my birthday too.

  2. Ok, now I’m worried about the game. I hate the touchpad on the Vita and would like to think this would be optional to use on the controller.

    The dual analogues, dpad and buttons combo is not broken, why do people keep trying to fix it?

    • It sounds like Sucker Punch are using their heads and applying common sense, as and when the pad is needed. If they do that then it’ll feel second nature to use. If not, I’ll be there with you on the picket lines shouting “touchpad whores, DIE!”. :P

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