Five Minutes Of InFamous Second Son

Five minutes of  direct-feed InFamous: Second Son gameplay has appeared on YouTube.

It is not an official Sony video so we are not too sure of the source, perhaps it came from part Sony’s recent New York press junket for the PS4 although the uploader seems to be based in London.

Also, the footage looks very similar to a mission I saw demoed back in July, so this may be an old build. Looks great though, doesn’t it?

Source: YouTube


  1. this same recording was shown during spikes live ps4 launch event

  2. This does look fantastic!

  3. I’d like to say I wish this a launch game but it needs its own space. Completed the first two and looking forward to finding out the new charachter.

    My only gripe with Infamous so far is the repetitive recycled side missions. If they’ve put thought into this for SS then I can’t see why it won’t review very highly.

  4. Really liked the first two, so i have high hopes for this one.

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