New inFamous Second Son Trailer Shows Delsin’s Neon Powers

Delsin Rowe, the protagonist of inFamous Second Son will have a lot of powers and abilities, due to the fact that he’s able to absorb abilities from other Conduits.

This new trailer shows him using his neon powers, which we’ve seen in recent screen shots, and it looks absolutely incredible in action.

It also divulges that the game will release on the 21st of March 2014, so mark that date in your calendars and start preparing!


  1. *Writes inFamous on the calender*
    Glad its March as Watchdogs is out on April :D

  2. Noted :)

  3. they’re going all out with the particle effects with the power of the next gen system.

    the Infamous games have always been bloody good, i have no doubt this one will follow that trend.

    it’s likely to be one of the first games i get when i do get a PS4.

  4. I fell like a broken record but I have to say it again. This looks amazing.
    Love the neon poweres!

  5. Going to echo parts of my Uncharted PS4 post in places here, sorry guys…

    Loved Infamous 1,2 and Festival Of Blood, but still not yet convinced by Second Son, just yet.Looks fantastic (as i’d expect from Sucker Punch), but, as i said in earlier post, better looking versions of existing games are not going to be the reason i ‘upgrade’.I really need to ‘see’ just what new directions if any, have been taken with the series, what has the extra power allowed game designers to do, to make it more than a souped up version of the PS3 games?.I get the impression from reviews that Killzone Shadow Fall, for example, has clear indications in places of where the developer wanted to take the franchise, but as it was a launch title, ran out of time.Hopefully given the release date, Sucker Punch have had the time to make the game they wanted to make.

    Still not ‘sold’ on the main character, but i went into Infamous 2 hating the new Cole, came away bonding with the guy (ahh, bless) so i remain open minded.

    Impress me Sucker Punch, give me THE reason to set money aside for PS4 and i’m all yours.

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